Regardless of dependency or addiction, we stand behind the following statement..

"Selecting the right e Cig device, generally provides a 50% minimum reduction in tobacco.
As vaping becomes second nature, tobacco intake for most, will be a thing of the past"


e Cig Batteries & Vape Pens

Our recommendations for effective, affordable 
starter e Cigs. Vape Pens are far superior to first generation electronic cigarettes; providing variable voltage and a long life re-chargeable battery.

Clearomizers and Tanks

Clearomizers are small refillable Tanks, perfectly  
suited to Vape Pens. These delivery systems 
allow the Vaper to choose their favourite e liquid.

Replaceable coils, or heating elements, are available in various ohm ratings, or resistances.


Today's e Cigs and Mods

Today's e Cig Mods are available in all shapes and sizes. They provide both variable voltage and variable wattage, offering the vaper a means to customise, or fine tune to their requirements.
Mods are the ultimate Vaping experience.


The Importance of e liquids

e liquids play a significant role in Transitioning from Smoking
Unlike Cigarettes, e liquids can stimulate & satisfy our taste buds
Providing a more pleasurable experience

More importantly, when using Vape Pens, or third generation devices known as Mods
We can control the contents of our e liquid
Allowing us to eliminate carcinogens found in cigarettes


Today's e Cigs & Mods
Proven to be the most successful means of quitting tobacco
e Cigs are Tobacco Harm Reduction 

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