Our Mission
To provide people who are looking to move away from smoking cigarettes
and those already transitioning to vaping, with informative content and personal support

Whether for your Health or Family...
A viable, sensible alternative to tobacco & cigarettes is available
and should be a serious consideration for all smokers

The electronic cigarette could potentially save millions of lives
Over five million people are lost each year, from Tobacco related illnesses.

Regardless of ones addiction level, we stand behind the following statement

Selecting the right e cig device, generally provides a 50% minimum reduction in tobacco intake.
As vaping becomes second nature, tobacco intake for most, will be a thing of the past.

The Electronic Cigarette is constantly evolving, and the industry is expanding exponentially, allowing for a greater selection of products, services and price points. Quality e cigs can be purchased for as little as $30-40.


Quality commercial e liquids, play a significant role in transitioning from smoking
Unlike cigarettes, e liquids can stimulate & satisfy our taste buds, providing us a more pleasurable experience.

Proudly, The Vapers Table was the first non commercial e cig site providing free phone support for US and Australian Vapers.
We are committed to helping smokers transition to Vaping.