Improving public health through awareness of Tobacco Harm Reduction
Providing support for smokers and those wishing to transition to Vaping


Whether for your Health or Family..
A viable, sensible alternative to Tobacco is available
and should be a serious consideration for all smokers

Regardless of dependency or addiction, we stand behind the following statement..

"Selecting the right e Cig device, generally provides a 50% minimum reduction in tobacco
As vaping becomes second nature, tobacco intake for most, will be a thing of the past"


Mods - Personal Vaporisers

Today's Mods or Vaporisers, provide far superior results than first generation electronic cigarettes
Safety and Performance have improved significantly
Perhaps most importantly, is the ability to control the contents of our e liquid
Thereby, eliminating carcinogenic properties found in cigarettes and tobacco

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The Importance of e liquids

e liquids play a significant role in Transitioning from Smoking
Unlike Cigarettes, e liquids can stimulate & satisfy our taste buds
Providing a more pleasurable experience

More importantly, when using Vape Pens, or third generation devices known as Mods
We have control over the ingredients of our e liquid
Allowing us to reduce or eliminate, both additives and carcinogens, found in cigarettes
Nicotine is also a personal choice  

It is the opinion of science, that Vaping is a significantly safer option
Today's personal vaporisers, or e Cig Mods, will increase the chance of transitioning from smoking
And overcoming the dependency on tobacco

How will you quit smoking?

The percentages in the chart are based on averages
Additional support is frequently needed and reflected in these statistics

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It is imperative that Tobacco Harm Reduction be acknowledged and embraced