The Vapers Table



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Hello and welcome to our support site. We are a Sydney based couple, passionate about vaping and helping adult smokers transition to a safer and even more satisfying alternative.

We invite you to call or come meet with us. Test some of the latest e Cig hardware, and sample a variety of
e liquid flavours; with or without nicotine. Learn the basics of vaping, why you would want to switch and how to get started.  We'll even provide ongoing training on how to mix your own e liquids.

The Vapers Table is a free community service provided for adult smokers only. 

Your last cigarette, or at least a significant reduction,
is likely to become a reality...

An introduction to Vaping

Vaping is the act of using an electronic cigarette. Since 2007, millions of smokers have switched to Vaping.
Over the past few years, e-Cigarettes have evolved into safer, easy to operate Mods or Vapourisers. 
What are they and how do they work ?