Discover the Benefits of Vaping -
Helping Smokers Quit

Welcome to The Vapers Table, a free community service for adult smokers. We are a Sydney based semi-retired couple, passionate about vaping and helping adult smokers transition to a safer and more satisfying alternative.

We invite you to call, or meet with us in Gladesville, Sydney.

  • Learn the basics of Vaping and how to get started                
  • Test a variety of today's e Cig hardware
  • Sample a variety of e liquids, such as Tobacco, Fruits and Desserts

We also offer ongoing support; covering advanced hardware solutions and how to safely mix your own e liquids, with or without nicotine.  Again, there is no fee for our services.      

With a little guidance, your last cigarette, or at least a significant reduction, is likely to become a reality..

Personal Support - 
The majority of smokers will benefit from guidance and support, as it significantly increases one's chance of transitioning. There's little to lose and a healthier lifestyle to gain. We hope we get the opportunity to assist you.


An Introduction to Vaping and e Cigs
Since 2007, millions of smokers have switched to Vaping, as traditional methods of quitting generally fall short. Electronic Cigarettes are constantly evolving and today they are classified as safer, easy to operate, Mods or Vapourisers. What are they and how do they work?  


e Cig Starter Kits - Mods - Vapourisers
The majority of e Cig Mods are available as independent devices; some are even packaged in a kit form. Our product recommendations are based on personal usage, feedback from ex smokers and supported by the vaping community.


It is a fact of science that vaping, based on one's choice of e liquid, is significantly safer than smoking tobacco. In regards to nicotine, many representatives from science and medicine, equate the level of harm to that of drinking coffee.

Selecting the right e Cig hardware and e liquid, generally provides a 50% reduction in tobacco. As vaping becomes second nature, tobacco intake for most, will be a thing of the past

Tobacco Harm Reduction and The NNA - New Nicotine Alliance.
Improving public health through a greater understanding of “new” (risk-reduced) nicotine products. Please visit the New Nicotine Alliance AU

Australian Vaping Forums

Discussion and education play an important role for adult smokers wishing to transition or experiment with vaping. There are two major forums. Both provide assistance for newcomers yet, Vapers Cafe Australia have numerous members involved in advocacy.

Vapers Cafe Australia        Aussie Vapers