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Guides, videos, blogs and insights. Covering hardware, e liquids, culture and the benefits of tobacco harm reduction. 

Our medical and Science section brings awareness to current research and findings.

Vaping Support

Since 2011, we've been providing online and face to face support, assisting smokers with transitioning to vaping.

We also cater to new vapers, as some need additional guidance in maximising the experience.

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Devices designed to help smokers transition to vaping. Many may be suitable long-term too.


Available in virtually every flavour you could image. They play a major role in how we gauge satisfaction.


Providing both online and face to face support, assisting smokers and those new to vaping.


Tanks are the most common delivery system for Mods. They utilise easy replaceable coils.


Guides and introductions on general vaping, suppliers, hardware items and more.


Research and findings from medical and science professionals. Information on industry and health.


Vaping videos covering culture, industry, products, tutorials and getting started guides. 

"Most will never make it through transition without the help of a fellow vaper"

Charles Yates

DIY e-liquids - Exploring Creativity

Making your own e liquids is not only cost effective, but a creative and rewarding pastime. Experimenting with flavours and developing recipes, is for me, one of the most enjoyable aspects of vaping.

We offer guides, tutorials and tips on getting started, and creating e liquid flavours such as tobaccos, desserts and fruits.

Sydney Table Meets

Come meet with us and discover the benefits of switching to vaping. Gauge your suitability while testing a variety of e Cig hardware and e liquids.

Already Tried Vaping?

Vaping products have evolved considerably over the past year or so, and an increasing number are now finding it easier to transition from smoking.  Whether you contact us, meet with another vaper, or visit a vape shop, please give it another try. I think you'll be surprised..