Vaping Support

With Charles Yates

A Community Service

We help smokers quit by transitioning to vaping. Proven to be 95 % safer, yet equally satisfying.  
We also assist new vapers looking to maximise the experience.

Sydney Table Meets

Come meet with us and discover the benefits of switching to vaping. Gauge your suitability, learn all about vaping while testing a variety of e Cig hardware and e liquids.

A testament to the importance of vaping

I met with Charles and Megan three times over the last month. I was smoking nearly 2 packs a day and now I'm down to just 3 or 4 only. I bought the Aspire PockeX and it's working really well, although I really need a second one for back up.

Charles made me some tobacco liquid to get started with too. Thanks seem insufficient and I owe you both a coffee.

Mr Simpson
Kevin Simpson

Content Overview

Information & Guides

Easy to follow info that is suitable for both smokers and those new to vaping. We also cater to those more advanced.

Commercial e liquids

Discover the flavour options of domestic and international e liquids. Nicotine is an option, yet not always required.

Science & Medical

There's much debate on the efficacy and benefits of vaping. Hear from representatives of both science and medicine.

Vaping Products

We endorse e Cigs and tanks that we own or have fully tested. Most are suitable for both beginners and long-term vapers.

DIY e liquids

Explore your creative side and learn how to mix your own e liquids. Have control over the contents and save money.

Social & Lifestyle

To some, vaping is more than just harm reduction. There's a social aspect that many enjoy. All in an effort to share a passion.

About us

As significant as it is, Vaping represents more than a viable means of quitting smoking.
Discover what we do and why.

Starter - Beginner e Cigs

Beginner or starter e Cigs are helping a lot of smokers transition, and most will start to recognise the health benefits within the first week or so.


Mods are the next step up from starter or beginner e Cigs, and offer the ultimate in terms of flexibility, battery life and customisation. The majority are simple to operate and maintain.

Tanks - Delivery Systems

The Tank and the Atomiser Coil, is what will govern overall performance, given one is using an appropriate battery or Mod.


How we ultimately gauge satisfaction

The majority of those who explore vaping..

On average, around 75 % of smokers we've supported, have said that vaping offers the greatest chance of quitting. Far more than traditional methods, such as patches and gums.

Already Tried Vaping?

Many smokers I meet with, say they tried vaping a few years ago, and it didn't seem to help. Today's devices are far superior, so things are different now.

Whether you contact us, meet with another vaper, or visit a vaping store, I hope you'll give it another try. I think you'll be surprised..