Vaping is Shaping the Future

Reducing smoking and Saving Lives


Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable death in Australia. It kills over 15,000 people per year

Public Health

As vaping increases in popularity, the more beneficial it will be to society and public health in Australia


We're working closely with tobacco harm reduction advocacy groups, to increase awareness of vaping

We're a Sydney based community service initiative. Over the past 7 years we've been helping smokers switch to safer nicotine, and non-nicotine products.​

In support of public health Australia, our services are offered at no charge

Join over 200,000 Australians

Ex-smokers, most of whom recognised the positive effects, both physical and psychological, shortly after transitioning to vaping. The use of vaporisers falls under the category of Tobacco Harm Reduction, and has proven for many to be the most effective form of smoking cessation. 

If you, a friend or loved one, wishes to quit smoking, and have failed with alternate methods, please consider meeting with us, so as to determine your suitability to various vaping products.

Moreover, allow us the opportunity to help you finally quit smoking.. 

Product Recommendations

Our primary focus is introducing smokers to vaping, and supporting them through the transition process.  Therefore, most of our recommendations are best suited to beginners, however, many of these devices are suitable long-term.

These products are considered among the best in their class, and have proven to assist smokers with the means to finally quit.

Please visit these devices and more from the top header menu.


How are your services free?

Operating costs are fairly minimal, as It’s primarily our time. We are also involved in tobacco harm reduction advocacy, and charging smokers would be against our principals.

We’re a community service, not a business.

Is nicotine or vaping addictive?

There is no empirical evidence to support the fact that nicotine, outside the context of cigarettes, is in fact addictive. This would also pertain to vaping. However, we adopt the widespread concensus that smoking is addictive and vaping can be habitual.

Is vaping as harmful as smoking?

Definitely not. Vaping has proven to be at least 95% safer than combustible tobacco use. 

Is it safe to make my own e liquids ?

There are many variables here, but the short answer is yes. Please visit the DIY category above for more information.

Is nicotine legal to purchase?

Nicotine must be purchased outside Australia, and the law states that a prescription is required to take possession.

why is australia so tough on vaping?

There are many theories, however, the stance that government takes is both illogical and harms smokers.

medical and science

Vaping and your Health

Articles and videos that explore the benefits to smokers who switch to safer tobacco harm reduction methods, such as vaping. Hear from reputable members of the medical industry, end-users and more.

e-liquids - DIY & Flavours

A look at domestic and imported e-liquids, ingredients such as flavours, additives and nicotine, as well as selection.

DIY Section – Posts and guides on how to make your own DIY e-liquids.  Please visit these categories from the top menu.

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