A Guide to Starter or beginner e-Cigs

Innokin EZ Watt
Innokin EZ WATT
Aspire PockeX
Aspire PockeX

Updated April 2018

Starter e-Cigs or starter kits are primarily designed for beginners, but they’re also fairly common among more experienced vapers. Many make perfect secondary or back up devices, and they’re handy to slip into your pocket when you’re heading out and about; what I refer to as a ‘Date Vape’ 

Most are sold in a kit form and generally come with extra atomiser coils, a manual and a USB charging cable.

Many models, as well as a variety of tanks, offer a very similar draw to smoking, what is known as MTL, or mouth to lung. This is what most smokers can relate to, hence, it can increase the likelihood of transitioning.

Simple to use, yet great performance

Starter e-Cigs are fairly simplistic, offering fewer features – options than they’re more advanced siblings, Mods. Many of today’s popular models, such as AIO’s or Vape Pens (As seen below), provide just a simple single fire button. Learning how to use them can be as easy as filling a tank and pushing a button.

simple to use starter kit
Pics of Joytech D19

Models such as Joyetech’s D19 above may be simple, but they have more than sufficient power to satisfy, even for those who were/are heavier smokers.

Irrespective of a devices simplicity, one should have an understanding of how and why they work, and where possible, how best to maximise performance. Please see our post-Introduction to Vaping

Advantages of Starter e-Cigs
  • Simplicity in terms of features and operation
  • The learning curve is far less than with many Mods & Tanks
  • Most of today’s models provide sufficient power & satisfaction to assist with transition
  • Cost of kits are generally less than that of a complete Mod set-up
  • Many make perfect stealth devices
  • Size and portability
Types of Starter e-Cigs

Whilst there are a variety of designs, most are either a Pod system. an All In One -AIO, Vape Pen or a more simplistic e-Cig Mod offering limited features. These can be a two-part system comprising of a battery section and a separate tank, often classified as a Starter e-Cig Mod.

Please see our post- What a starter kit should be

ez watt starter e-cig
Innokin EZ Watt
eGo AIO starter e-Cig
Joyetech eGo AIO
myjet pod e cig
Wysmec MyJet Pod
AIO- All In One Starter e-Cigs

AIO-All In Ones can be a great option for those wanting simplicity without skimping on performance. There are a few that even rival the flavour and vapour of higher-end Mods.

Performance is governed by the type of coil or atomiser, and its ohm or resistance rating. Many of these devices offer sub ohm capabilities, providing exceptional performance and satisfaction.

Aspire PockeX AIO
Aspire PockeX AIO
eGo AIO starter e-Cig
Joyetech eGo AIO
Aspire Breeze AIO
Aspire Breeze AIO
Pod Systems

Pod style e-Cigs are the latest addition to the starter category, and although they offer sufficient levels of performance for their size, they rank below that of AIO’s and other starter e-Cigs. Their main negative is that they suffer from short battery life, and many offer less vapour than their counterparts.

Depending on the model, the e-liquid pods range from around 0.7 – 2.5 ml. Some can be purchased pre-filled yet most allow for refilling yourself.  Many Pod systems excel at replicating the draw of smoking.

Personally, for general day to day use, I would look toward AIO’s as these tend to be the perfect compromise of size and performance. However, they are certainly viable for those wanting a stealth device.

Pulse Pod e-Cig
Ply Rock Pulse
Sigelei Compak M
Wismec MyJet Pod
Wismec Myjet
Starter e-Cig Mods (Basic Entry Level Mods)

The EZ Watt from Innokin is an example of a starter kit that is a sort of fusion between a starter e-Cig and Mod. Two-piece systems like this offer a means to experiment with various tanks, which is a huge advantage. 

Some come with built-in batteries and some utilise replaceable-rechargeable batteries. Although certain models come close to rivalling higher-end mods in performance, features and or menu systems (when present) are generally scaled down and limited, making them suitable for beginners.

joyetech cubox kit
Joyetech Cubox Kit
ez watt starter e-cig
Innokin EZ Watt 2 piece
smart-box starter e-Cig
Innokin SmartBox Kit
Starter e-Cigs vs Mods

In contrast to starter e-Cigs, Mods are fully customisable and generally offer more flexibility in terms of power- wattage output, battery life, and the means to experiment with virtually all tank and atomiser systems. In order to do this though, there’s a steeper learning curve.

However, this does not mean that a Mod will provide more satisfaction, nor assist more in transitioning from smoking.
Please see our post- Introduction to Mods

Battery Life – An important consideration

As I’ve mentioned, most starter e-Cigs today perform very well, but depending on the actual device, there can be an issue relating to battery life. This pertains to devices with built-in internal batteries.

This is a concern not just for those that spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s also a concern if you happen to be somewhere without access to an outlet or a USB charging source. If your battery dies, then what?

Batteries have a mAh rating, (milliamp hour) and the higher that number, the greater potential for increased battery life. Other factors come into play, such as the resistance (ohms) of a given coil, and what wattage is being used. 

Most of today’s starter e-Cig batteries are rated between 650 mAh and 1500 mAh. obviously, try and aim for the highest mAh possible, especially if you intend on using them a lot whilst outdoors. 

Unfortunately, as with most things vaping related, finding the perfect set-up generally comes down to trial and error. For the beginner vaper, I’ll offer some suggestions- 

The PockeX by Aspire. Innokin’s EZ Watt 2 piece system. Joyetech D19 Vape Pen.

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