About the site

The Vapers Table is an information and support service for current smokers and vapers. Our primary focus is to bring awareness to tobacco harm reduction, and assist current smokers with transitioning to vaping. I first started the site in 2011, offering easy to follow information for those interested in safer nicotine products, such as vaporisers.  

We also cater to more experienced vapers, with subject matters such as DIY e-liquids.

How I can help – My experience

I was introduced to vaping late 2006, and have held a fascination ever since. I’ve owned and tested a wide range of products, as well as having exposure to the e-liquid industry. For the past seven years, both here and abroad, I’ve been meeting with smokers and offering them a means to experiment with vaping, as well as supporting them in their efforts to transition. I’ve been interviewed and appeared briefly on Channel 7 News, radio, and presented for NSW Nurses, discussing the important role that vaping can play for public health in Australia.

Our Support

For general vaping support, please see our Support page. To meet with us and determine your suitability to vaping, as well as test driving products and e liquids, please visit our page An Invitation to Experience Vaping 


In addition to our support services, we are also involved in vaping advocacy; Charles being the President, and Megan, the administrator  of the New Nicotine Alliance AU. 

Tobacco harm reduction (THR), and moreover vaping, has paved the way for millions of smokers to quit. Therefore, disparaging rhetoric and the demonising of vaping is both illogical, and ultimately a disservice to smokers and public health in Australia. 

Vaporesso Swag Kit
Vaporesso Swag Kit

About our product recommendations

There are literally thousands of vaporisers and tanks, but bringing attention to too many only creates confusion; besides, this is not a review site per se. Many of the products we endorse, have either helped smokers transition, or are satisfying more seasoned vapers.   

Whilst our priority is highlighting products that are suitable for current smokers and those new to vaping, many can be suitable more long-term. 

The Vapers Table is privately run, and we receive no payments, discounts or services for our endorsements. We only suggest products that we own, or have used and thoroughly tested. On occasion, we are asked to review products, and only do so if we feel they have potential, and represent an acceptable level of safety and function.

Megan, whilst never a smoker or every day vaper, enjoys testing-vaping flavours and assisting with creating our e-liquids. The site would not be possible without her and her support.

I trust that if you’re a smoker, you too will discover the health and financial benefits of transitioning to vaping. If you wish to contact us you may use the form below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Charles and Megan

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