Smokers trying vaping

Meet with us and experience Vaping

A Vape It Forward Initiative

We invite you to meet with us in the Sydney region, and experiment with a wide assortment of vaporisers and e-liquid flavours. Many of these devices have helped thousands of Australian smokers quit, and we’re confident you’ll discover one that’s suitable for you. In terms of e-liquid flavours, we have various tobaccos, desserts, fruits and bakery, including fusions or blends. 

We do not sell products or services, and have no affiliation with the vaping or tobacco industry, this is strictly a community service.

About Our Services

In support of public health in Australia and tobacco harm reduction advocacy, our services are offered free of charge.


Come experiment with a variety of vaporisers and discover the health and financial benefits of switching to vaping


Learn all about vaping in order to gain a good understanding, including what's needed to use and maintain vaporisers


Ongoing support is always available to help you complete the transition process, thus quitting smoking completely

Quitting smoking has traditionally been extremely difficult, and for many, virtually impossible. However, today’s vaporisers offer a  substantial increase in both satisfaction and performance, making it even easier to transition. Millions of ex-smokers have praised vaping as the perfect solution, offering a smoking-like experience, without the inherent harm caused from combustion. 


We can meet in multiple locations around Sydney, with the possibility of in-home service on a case by case basis. We recommend putting aside about an hour, and are available for follow ups as needed. 

If you happen to live outside the Sydney region, we may be able to arrange for someone to help.

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