Aspire Nautilus Mini Clearomiser Tank

Overview – Suitability
Updated Feb, 2017

The Nautilus Mini has long held the title of the king of MTL clearomisers, otherwise known as “Mouth to Lung”. The coils are as good as you can get, the tank is well made, and the performance is superb. There are a number of more current MTL tanks, but nothing I would consider to be that much better. Not for lower wattage use anyway.

Price & Availability

The average cost of the Tank is around $34. The coils come in a 5 pack for about $15. 
Available from our Recommended Vendors.

The Nautilus Mini is one of those products that I and so many other vapers wholeheartedly recommend. It’s a superb tank and one that I enjoy using every day. It’s now March 2017 and although this tank is dated, it’s still used by millions of vapers. Yes, it’s those terrific coils that are at least on par, depending on one’s vaping style, with anything available today. That’s why this tank is, and always will be a viable option.

Just grab one, you’ll love it..

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