Battery Information for Mods – Basic to Advanced

Whilst much of this information is geared toward more advanced vapers, there’s certainly a lot of interesting, worthwhile knowledge for everyone.

Battery Mooch is probably the most respected vape battery expert. Since 1992 he has been working as an electrical engineer designing battery related products like chargers, dischargers, and battery management and protection systems.

You can connect with mooch via his Facebook page. There’s also a lot of useful battery information there too.

Battery Basics for Vapers Pt 1

Battery Basics for Vapers Pt 2

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 1

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 2 

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 3

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 4

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 5

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 6

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 7

Minding Your mAhs Ep. 8

There’s no question that watching all of these videos is time consuming, but I hope they’re useful for you. Thanks go out to Mooch for sharing his knowledge and supporting vapers.

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