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Batteries and Mods - Safety and Tips

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Safety and selection for all e-Cigs, Single Batteries and Chargers

When it comes to vaping there is nothing more critical than safety, and irrespective of the type of e Cig, there are certain guidelines we must follow to ensure the safe use, recharging and storage of our batteries. 

All e-Cig devices utilise some type of battery, but those that support replaceable and rechargeable batteries demand the most attention.

Obviously, reputable All In One (AIO) Starter e Cig devices with built-in batteries are far less of a concern, given they’re designed to match the coils used for the attached tank. Having said that, we still need to adhere to general usage and recharging guidelines, which we will look at further below.

Matching Mods with Tanks 

Virtually all of the entry to mid level Mods listed on our site are compatible with our entry to mid level tanks, and are also interchangeable. This means that the Mods can be used with any of the tanks. Recommendations on batteries are below.

Aspire PockeX AIO
PockeX Starter e Cig

Regulated and Unregulated Mods

For beginners, we only recommend the use of Regulated Mods or Starter e-Cigs. These devices have internal circuitry with a variety of protections in place. We do not cover Mechanical Mods as they require advanced knowledge of ohms law, and are far too dangerous for beginners and some intermediate vapers. You can read about the differences on our post An introduction and guide to Mods.

mod with built-in battery
Regulated Mod with built-in battery & safety
Mechanical Mods have no electronics or safety in place

What are the requirements for e-Cig Batteries

Vaping batteries must firstly be compatible in form factors, such as flat top or nipple top, and safely handle the coils resistance and intended wattage levels. This falls under ohms law, and I would recommend all vapers have at least a basic understanding. For those wanting more technical information, I’ve provided some links to articles/blogs at the bottom. 

The basic priorities

The first priority is ensuring we’re using the right battery for the job. Then it’s adhering to sensible charging and handling practices. For the most part it’s fairly straightforward, and following these guidelines will minimise any risks, and allow for a safe, enjoyable vaping experience.

When selecting a mod to purchase, double check what type of battery is required, be it an 18350, 18650, 26650 or other. You must also know what type of atomiser you intend to use, moreover, what amperage is required.

For entry to mid level Mods and Tanks, batteries with a rating of 20 Amps are generally more than sufficient.

Quality Mods

Always purchase a quality Mod or Starter e-Cig from a reputable manufacturer or vendor.

Never buy from some obscure overseas company.

Quality devices offer greater peace of mind in terms of overall safety and performance.

Quality Batteries

An e-Cig device is only as safe as its battery. For devices that utilise replaceable batteries, and most use 18650 type, here are the brands I recommend –

Samsung, LG, Sony and Panasonic. 

Quality Chargers

A charger’s quality is almost as important as the battery. There are a number of brands and the most common are probably EFEST, NiteCore and Xtar. 

I like NiteCore and use the Intellicharge i2 model as it’s an excellent quality charger.

Selecting rechargeable Mod batteries

I would first check with your vendor to see if any batteries are recommended for the specific device. Often there are recommendations, but if need be contact them and ask. As mentioned above, if you intend on using one of the entry to mid level mods and tanks listed on this site, I’d consider one the following batteries.

I use these on all of my Mods and nothing else. Be aware that batteries from certain vendors, mainly overseas, can be fake. I buy my batteries from VapeKing in Sydney.

lg-he4 battery
LG HE4 high drain 18650
18650 Samsung 25r battery
Samsung 25 R 18650
samsung 18650 batteries
Samsung 30Q high drain 18650

Battery Safety & Tips 

Please adhere to the following guidelines. These will not only minimise any potential risks, but maximise the life expectancy of your batteries.

Built-in e-Cig-Starter kit Batteries

  • Always use the included USB charging cable and or power adapter
  • Never leave batteries unattended. Best to charge nearby and never leave overnight
  • Do not overcharge batteries – Remove as soon as charged
  • Do not over discharge batteries – This can harm or shorten their life span
  • Exposure to high heat or extreme cold can damage a battery – do not leave in hot car or sun
  • Batteries can possibly become dislodged or damaged if dropped
  • Turn device off when not in use or when placed in pockets-purse-bag
  • All rechargeable batteries generally last a year or 300 charges. Dispose thereafter

Rechargeable Mod Batteries (such as 18650)

  • All of the above that could apply to single batteries
  • If battery overheats dispose immediately
  • Always insert batteries the right way – in charger and device
  • Never put batteries loose in bags or pockets – contact with metal can be dangerous. Use battery cases
  • Do not mix battery types in devices
  • Be aware of the amperage and limits of your batteries – never exceed recommendations
  • Allow a newly discharged battery to cool before charging – 15 minutes or so
  • Allow freshly charged batteries to cool before use – sit for 15 minutes or so
  • Inspect batteries regularly and check for wear or torn outer wrapper. If torn, re-wrap or replace

Additional information on batteries, charging and handling can be found at these locations –

Calculating battery current draw for a regulated mod

18650 Battery Ratings — Picking a Safe Battery to Vape With 

Battery Mooch on Facebook

Battery University 

Some final advice 

I’m not a battery expert, and although I’ve revisited my research and used batteries for a number of years without issue, this is a serious subject matter. As such, I recommend you do some additional research yourself from the provided links. Information by ‘Battery Mooch’, who is considered to be the vaping battery guru, can be taken to the bank.

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