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Black Note Tobacco e liquids

black note eliquids
black note e liquids

When Black Note e liquids arrived on the scene, I knew my love affair with Italy was once again justified. It’s delving into a juice that is smooth, rich, full of body and flavour, offering up an extraordinary representation of Tobacco. These juices are for tobacco leaf lovers, and they hit the right note every time.

Black Note begins its journey in Italy. The Tobacco plants are harvested by local farmers and each leaf spends six to eight weeks in a flavour extraction process known as Cold Maceration. Once this process is complete, the product is shipped to the USA for testing, additional processes and packaging.

Black Note’s e liquid is lab-certified to be free from a list of harmful chemicals such as Diacetyl, Acetoin, Acrolein, Ethylene Glycol, and more. Black Note is the only Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T.) Vapor Liquid Company in the market to offer its customers such assurances of quality.

The philosophy behind the brand is to produce a naturally extracted Tobacco (NETs) without artificial colours, flavours, chemical additives, surfactants or any additional contaminants.

I’ve never really been big on commercial tobacco flavours, and I prefer to make my own. However, I may have changed my mind as I could never make juice this good. These e liquids are superior to any tobacco’s I’ve ever vaped, period.

Here’s their website to look at their range of flavours. Black Note.

The best way to try these juices is to purchase their Notebook of 8 sample flavours. This way you can decide what full-size bottle you may wish to order.

Prelude for me is the standout. It’s subtle, a touch of smoky, earthy, and a tad sweet. The Virginia Tobacco is definitely there, but it’s extraordinary how balanced this juice is.

Whether you enjoy Tobacco Vapes or not, I’m certain of two things. Firstly, every Vaper will appreciate the quality and effort that goes into each bottle, and many non-Tobacco Vapers may start adding this brand to their wish lists.

Video Reviews:

Here is a video review from Vaping with Vic in the UK, looking at all eight notes of their sample pack. This video is very long, providing a little education on tobaccos too.

Black Note e liquids are available nicotine free, in Australia from Victory Vape. However, if you wish to purchase these with nicotine (most desirable) you will need to import them directly from the US.

If you’re a tobacco lover you must try these juices. If not, try them anyway, they’re extraordinary.

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