Capella Vanilla Custard V1

capella vanilla custard V!

What Capella have done here is to produce the richest, most eggy, buttery custard available bar none. However, for this vaper (and some others) it’s a little too rich, but workable if blended.

Capella Vanilla Custard Testing

  • Steeped for 4 weeks
  • Mixed at 7%
  • Recommended percentages-
  • Solo Vape-3-10%
  • Mixed-3-8%

Capella Flavours SDS-(MSDS) (Ignore the top portion that says “Flavor Art”. It is for Capella)

Often these links go away after time, so here are examples of the ingredients. 

Vanillin #234:  5 – < 10%
Ethyl Vanillin #296: 3-<5%
Ethyl Maltol: 3-<5%
There are other diketone and or custard notes (not as in custards) elements that are not listed on the SDS. Perhaps they’re marked as “Trade secret”

This is by far the most common of all custard flavours, given its immense richness of creams and butter with strong-heavy eggy notes. It’s also the most controversial as it’s loaded with diketones, such as diacetyl and acetoin. These are compounds that provide a buttery aroma and taste.  

There is an alternate version V2 without the diketones, but I have not tried it.


This is never my first choice for a custard. I find the levels of diketones to be overpowering, more so at high percentages- 8% or more. Also, I prefer to control those buttery notes and or diketones myself. 

Having said that, I do occasionally blend around 2-4 % of this with alternate custards and or creams, generally from Flavorah or FlavourArt. No, I’m not concerned about vaping diketones (Coincidentally, AKA custard notes). Perhaps I should mention that this is probably the easiest custard for beginners to mix with.

Putting aside any negatives, this is an exceptionally rich, eggy, buttery, creamy vanilla custard.

Flavour Description – Notes

A rich eggy, creamy, buttery and somewhat sweet custard with the perfect amount of vanilla. The flavour is similar to a vanilla-egg pudding. The Mouthfeel is fairly heavy/dense with a fluffy feel. There’s a marshmallow type flavour-sweetness in the back, and it may be from the included Maltol. 

Tips for testing flavours
  • Be aware that most custards including this one, need a good 3-4 weeks of steep time.
  • I would suggest experimenting before doing any large batch mixes as this flavour can become rather dominant after it’s steeped. Try a 6 or 7% batch, along with a 10% batch, steep and test.
  • Go easy if you plan on blending additional dairy notes such as creams. If you wish to test with other flavours, try a lighter caramel like FA’s, or FA’s Banana to get an indication of your preferences.

What other mixers say

Taste is generally subjective, so here’s what some other DIYers think about this flavour – 
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Mixers around the world -


Common pairings used with this custard are –

  • Vanillas
  • Creams
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Caramel
  • Meringue
  • Sugar Cookie – Biscuit – Cookie
  • Strawberry

Average mixing percentages are –

  • Solo Vape:  6-8%
  • Mixed Percentage: 3-8%

Availability in Australia –

Juice Factory
Flavour World (Sydney Vapour)
The Steamery
Wick and Wire

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How I Test Flavour Concentrates

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

Testing flavours with e-cig
RDA for testing flavours
RDA for testing flavours

How I Test Flavours

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

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