Caramel Flavours

Caramel flavours for DIY

Caramel flavours are almost a necessity when it comes to DIY. They’re versatile, easy to mix with, and let’s not forget the yumminess factor! Whether your after a dessert, bakery, fruit, booze or tobacco vape, caramel concentrates should be on your wish list.

Introduction to Caramel Concentrated Flavours

For the most part, butterscotch and caramels share similar applications, often being interchangeable. This is certainly true for many dessert and bakery recipes. Caramels are one of those irresistible flavours that generally take little effort mixing, and translate well to vaping.  

It’s a versatile flavour and as such, I’d consider it a must-have or must-try concentrate. 

Butterscotch concentrates come in three main variants-

  • Plain caramel
  • A sweet candy caramel
  • A salted version

I don’t bother with the candy version. I find plain and salted to be the most useful, and at times will blend these with butterscotch and or additional creams or vanillas. Caramels are excellent for tobacco and coffee recipes, and at times you may wish to go bananas too.   

Caramel Applications

Here are my favourite uses for Caramel-

  • Add to coffees, tobaccos, booze 
  • Ice creams, cakes-cupcake-frosting
  • Blend with other caramels-butterscotch
  • Small percentages (0.25-0.5%) with creams
  •  Mix with Biscuit and or Cookie flavours
  • Custards & vanillas

Pairing Examples

Like so many concentrates, I often use caramel-s as an additive or enhancer for a complimentary or contrasting flavour.  Below are some common pairing ideas, so have some fun and try blending a few of them together.


Ice Creams
Milk- Milkshakes


Cake Batter
Cookie Dough




Fruits and Nuts

Here are some specific concentrates I’ve used –

  • FW & TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Creams   
  • FLV Cream  
  • FA Bourbon Vanilla
  • FA Butterscotch
  • FLV Smoked Butterscotch
  • FLV Vanilla Custard
  • TFA Vanilla Swirl
  • Juice Factory Black and Mild Tobacco
  • Flavorah Red Burley
  • Inawera Vanilla for Pipe
  • FA Mixed Nuts 
  • FW Hazelnut
  • Juice Factory Espresso super concentrate
  • FlavourArt Dark Bean espresso 

Recommended Concentrates

TFA Caramel Original
An incredibly rich, extra creamy caramel that tastes like they added 2 large tubs of butter, plus the butyric acid! Many like myself find it overpowering, but for sheer richness and creaminess, this may be up your alley.
FlavourArt Caramel
Cooked sugars, including browned Sugar. Slightly creamy with a textured, light roasted background. Somewhat soft with little body or weight. Fairly light overall. Excellent plain caramel.
Molinberry Melty Caramel
A light, fairly sweet caramel with a nice smoothness to it. It sits somewhere in between a creamy traditional caramel and a candy type. There’s not much in terms of body or weight, which can play to its advantage when mixing.
Flavor West Salted Caramel
A buttery, semi-rich caramel with a syrupy element and a touch of salt. I’ve found it to be most useful for tobacco and alcohol mixes. 

diy butterscotch
Tips for testing flavours
TFA Custard

As pictured, custard, tobaccos, nuts and ice cream are a must try. Creams are also a common companion, and used by many who DIY, and for good reason. Most dairy and bakery flavours compliment caramels well.

Dessert, bakery and tobacco mixes are probably the most common, so I suggest you have at least two different caramels. I’d recommend FlavourArt and Flavor West salted caramel, but if you have a palette that welcomes buttery richness, you may wish to spring for TFA’s version also.

  • Vanilla bean ice cream is wonderful with caramels. TFA’s, VBIC or Flavour West are all excellent
  • Adding small percentages of nut flavours can produce a buttery effect as caramels steep
  • Butterscotch can add extra buttery notes when mixed with caramels. Start out low, around 0.5-1%
  • Marshmallows are a great additive for caramels, it adds some sweetness, richness and a touch of body. Try either TFA or FlavourArt
  •  Experiment with blending alternate caramels in a mix. This will often provide a deeper, richer flavour
  • Caramels don’t always benefit from long steeping, however, base steep time on other flavours used
  • TFA’s caramel, being super rich and buttery, can play havoc on coils. If this is a concern, use a lighter caramel like FlavourArts butterscotch and add creams like FA Fresh Cream or FLV Cream. You may also like to use a dollop of vanilla, such as Juice factory’s vanilla or the mighty TFA vanilla swirl.

Although there are many similarities, you may wish to view our post on Butterscotch, If you have any additional thoughts on using caramels, please let us know.

How I Test Flavour Concentrates

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG.  Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

Testing flavours with e-cig
RDA for testing flavours
RDA for testing flavours

How I Test Flavours

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

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