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Caramel Flavours, Uses & Pairings 

Caramels are one of those irresistible flavours that generally take little effort mixing, and translate well to vaping.  It’s a versatile flavour and as such, I’d consider it a must-have or must-try concentrate. Caramels tend to come in three main variants –

  • A sweet, hard cracked candy
  • Salted caramel
  • A plain caramel
  • Plus variations that include any combination of the above.

All of these can work well for DIY, but perhaps the most commonly used, especially by beginner and intermediate mixers, is a super rich, creamy version – TFA’s Caramel original.

Personally, I tend to use either FW salted caramel or FA’s caramel, as both are devoid of overpowering creams and butter. This allows me to bend the flavour in a direction that best suits the application.  It’s easy to add creams and richness, but you can’t take it away. 

Tips on mixing with caramel are at the bottom of this post.

Common Caramel Uses

Some examples are pictured above, but here’s a few more worth considering.  

  • Tobaccos are excellent with caramels and vanilla is a perfect pairing as well. These are known as RY4’s.
  • Donuts, cakes, pies and cookies-biscuits
  • Milkshakes
  • Fruit mixes
  • Custards
vanilla caramel tobacco

Caramels are fairly forgiving, making them perfect for blending various types together. This can prove to be a fun experiment and applies to many other flavour profiles too.

Pairing Examples

Here are some of the flavours that I’ve used with caramels.  As with chocolates, some are used as additives, to add or enhance an existing flavour or layer.

Tobaccos, Butterscotch, Toffee, Creams, Coffee, Vanillas, Vanilla Ice Cream, Custards, Butter, Cheesecake, Coconut, Graham cracker, Milk, Meringue, Marshmallow, Nuts, Oats, Grains, Peanut Butter, Popcorn, Salts, Sugars -Maple. Banana, Pear, Apples, 

Bourbon, Rum, Kahlua.

Cinnamon, Star Anise, Clove, Peppermint and Nutmeg. 

Recommended Concentrates

There are numerous other caramels, some I haven’t tried, and some didn’t make the list as they weren’t straight enough caramels. However, these should cover your needs, even though they may require some tweaking. 

Flavor West Salted Caramel

Steeped for 1 week
Mixed at 5%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-4-8%
Safety Data Sheet

Many have said they cannot taste the salt in this flavour and I understand. It’s not like tasting salt in a savoury food, it’s far more subtle than that, yet it is there, although I sense it more after the exhale. Although this isn’t a straight-up caramel, it is a unique and useful flavour. 


A fairly rich, buttery,  creamy caramel, yet not to the extent of TFA’s caramel original. Although this is labelled a salted caramel, you may wish to experiment with higher percentages to find a compromise with the salt, and without ending up with something overly rich. 

However, as with all flavours, this depends on what other profiles you intend to use in the mix.

Flavour Description – Notes

Cooked sugar with some brown sugar too. There’s a distinct up-front maple syrup flavour as well as some butterscotch, all blended with creams; maybe a touch of vanilla too. It’s fairly light in the solo vape, without a lot of body or weight. Vaping it solo at 5% doesn’t do this justice as this shines best when used in a mix.

My Uses & Pairings

  • As a sweetener, blended with other flavours
  • Tobacco mixes
  • Other caramels

Vanilla, butterscotch and toffee Ice creams, bakery, dessert and tobaccos are all must-try complimentary flavour profiles. 

As with many flavours, there’s quite a difference between the water test and the solo vape test. To truly understand a flavours potential, don’t omit doing the water test.

FW have done well with this flavouring. It’s unique and versatile. Imho, it’s one of the better caramel choices for mixing with tobaccos.

Contains Acetoin – 1.014%

TFA Caramel Original

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 6%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-3-6%
Safety Data Sheet

This particular flavour is possibly the most common caramel, but for some applications, it’s not really the wisest choice. It’s fairly overpowering, full of buttery diketones and corn syrup, making it difficult to mask if one is looking for a lighter, smoother caramel. For some, it becomes far too rich to vape in a short period of time.

Having said that, flavours like this, being extra rich, are easier for beginners to mix with. 


A potent blend of sugars with a heavy dose of butter. If you’re looking for an easy mix, you could get away with one or two additional flavours, but it’s possibly going to be overpowering and almost sickly to some. 

Flavour Description – Notes

A very rich, heavy and buttery-creamy caramel that has distinct brown sugar and maple notes that are present both on the inhale and exhale. There’s a lot of body-weight here, and although the richness of this concentrate may suit and seem appealing, it does become a tad too heavy and overbearing if used at higher percentages, or with little additional flavours.

My Uses & Pairings

  • Occasionally, as a sweetener and or additive- subtle layer for certain tobaccos
  • Ice Creams and creams

I tend to use this as an additive. As a rule, when I rarely use this flavour, it’s in small percentages. Around 0.5-1%. Again, I’d rather create richness with alternate flavours. I may blend this with other caramels too, but not so often.

Contains Acetoin <0.5% –Acetylpropionyl <1% Also contains corn syrup and caramel colouring

FlavourArt Caramel

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 2%
Recommended percentage- 
Solo Vape-0.5-2% (Not recommended)
Safety Data Sheet

This is the most neutral of the batch and makes a great base for a caramel. Due to its lack of richness and butter notes, I’d recommend pairing it with creams and or additional caramels or butterscotch. However, this depends on its intended application.


As with many caramels I’ve tried, butterscotch and or alternate blended caramels really bring out the best of this profile. This FA version is certainly fine mixed on its own, it’s just a lighter flavour and suitable for such applications. 

Flavour Description – Notes

Cooked sugars, including browned Sugar. Slightly creamy with a textured, light roasted background. Somewhat soft with little body or weight. Fairly light overall.

My Uses & Pairings

  • As a sweetener and layer for certain tobaccos
  • Ice Creams and creams
  • Apple and or pear mixes

Due to this being relatively soft and light with the butter, it makes a great companion to fruits, nuts, tobaccos, creams and many dessert-bakery vapes.

Butterscotch by FA, or even FW Butterscotch Ripple, adds a nice richness and helps bring out the caramel and buttery notes. It’s not really a solo vape as it needs some extra TLC. But it is a terrific concentrate.

Molinberry Melty Caramel

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 6%
Recommended percentage-
Solo Vape-3-6% (Not recommended)
Safety Data Sheet

This flavour doesn’t have a huge following but it’s certainly a nice caramel. I mix with it frequently and as a blender too. Often with FA’s caramel or FW salted caramel.  


This is quite a bit more buttery and creamy than FlavourArts, yet not even close to the richness of TFA’s. I feel it works very well with tobaccos, adding just the right amount of buttery notes without going overboard.  

Flavour Description – Notes

A light, fairly sweet caramel with a nice smoothness to it. It sits somewhere in between a creamy traditional caramel and a candy type. There’s not much in terms of body or weight which can play to its advantage when mixing. 

My Uses & Pairings

  • As a sweetener and layer for certain tobaccos
  • Ice creams, along with some butterscotch
  • Rums and Bourbons
  • Additional pairings are similar to FlavourArts version.
Tips on using Caramels
tfa bavarian cream for diy
vanilla caramel tobacco
mixed nuts
FW Butterscotch Ripple diy

As pictured, creams, tobaccos, nuts and ice cream are a must try. Bavarian cream is a common cream used by many DIYers and for good reason; It’s superb with caramels, and I recommend mixing some butterscotch in there too. 

Dessert, bakery and tobacco mixes are probably the most common, so I suggest you have at least two different caramels. I’d recommend FlavourArt and Flavor West salted caramel, but if you have a sweet tooth, you may wish to spring for TFA’s version also.

  • Vanilla bean ice cream is wonderful with caramels. TFA’s, VBIC or Flavour West are all excellent
  • Adding small percentages of nut flavours can produce a buttery effect as caramels steep
  • Butterscotch can add extra buttery notes when mixed with caramels. Start out low, around 0.5-1%
  • Marshmallows are a great additive for caramels, it adds some sweetness, richness and a touch of body. Try either TFA or FlavourArt
  •  Experiment with blending alternate caramels in a mix. This will often provide a deeper, richer flavour
  • Caramels don’t always benefit from long steeping, however, base steep time on other flavours used
  • TFA’s caramel, being super rich and buttery, can play havoc on coils. If this is a concern, use a lighter caramel like FlavourArts butterscotch and add creams like FA Fresh Cream or FLV Cream. You may also like to use a dollop of vanilla, like Juice factory’s vanilla.

If you have any additional tips for using caramels, please let us know.

From The Table,

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How I Test Flavour Concentrates

All flavours are tested using an RDA – Vandy Vape Pulse 22
Fused Claptons – 2x27g TM N80 and 1x40g N80 
Tested at 25 & 35 watts using Native Wicks Platinum Blend cotton.

All flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine.
Flavour Notes are based on aroma, the 5 ml water test and vaping.  

See our post on Testing Flavours

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