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Recommended Coffee Flavours – Flavour Notes, Uses And Pairings

Those that have smoked and love coffee, would have to agree that it’s a match made in heaven. As with smoking, vaping and coffee flavours make perfect companions too, and for my tastes, especially with a little nicotine and tobacco. 

Even though we’re missing the caffeine, as well as the flavours and aroma of combustible tobacco, there’s just something about the marriage of coffee and tobacco. And the more you think about why the clearer it becomes. 

Obviously, you don’t need tobacco to enjoy a good coffee vape, but given that they share certain characteristics, it’s a recipe well worth exploring

I haven’t found many great coffee flavours, as most are either too bitter or instil some level of chemical or plastic taste. Therefore, I’ve listed three so far, but these should cover your needs.

The coffee flavour chart below can be useful for developing recipes, as it offers a spectrum of complementary and contrasting flavours. The charts also reveal the similarities between tobacco and coffee.  

Coffee Flavour Notes
tobacco flavor notes
Tobacco Flavour Notes

Coffee Pairings

When it comes to vaping and coffee recipes, one’s imagination is the only limitation. There’s a number of espressos and milder coffee concentrates we can use as accents or a base, as well as a flavoured coffee, such as caramel, cream, vanilla and nuts.

Here are some pairing ideas that compliment or elevate coffee flavours. Many can be combined, and some better suit straight coffees or espressos. All of these examples are available as flavour concentrates.

Dairy – Dessert

Milk – Creams
Ice Cream


Irish Cream




Star Anise

Recommended Concentrates

There’s a wagon load of coffee flavours out there, so I haven’t tried them all, especially the flavoured ones. Many coffee concentrates have varying degrees of an inherent chemical taste, so they didn’t make the list.

As always, finding something that suits is trial and error, but here are some stand-outs well worth exploring.

FlavourArt Dark Bean
Coffee Espresso

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 1 & 2%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-0.5-3% 
Safety Data Sheet

This has long held the title as the king of coffees, as It’s been the go-to for many renowned mixers. However, as good as it is, or should I say can be, Juice Factory’s espresso is certainly on par. Both are excellent, and whilst either is suitable for a variety of coffee-based recipes or as an additive, I feel they each have their strengths.

Flavour Notes – Description

A bold, true representation of Italian espresso. Not bitter per se (depending on %) but with just the right amount of bite. There are roasted, earthy, nutty, cocoa, tobacco and alcohol nuances with a touch of sweetness. I also get some marzipan-almond and or bakery additives. This is probably where the sweetness stems from, or the included benzyl alcohol.

Pairings – Uses – Tips

Due to some of the nuances, this makes for a great tobacco additive. Try 0.25-0.5% with Flavorah Cured or a similar base tobacco and work from there. It’s also great with nuts, marshmallow, dark fruits or drupes, such as cherry or blackberry.

Considering the alcohol, this is also perfect for dark liquors; I particularly enjoy it with Jamaican rum.

  1. If you find this too bold, make a 20-50 % dilution in PG
  2. Steeping isn’t really a necessity here, but I’d give it a few days 
  3. Due to potential gunking, avoid higher percentage mixes in eGo styled clearomisers, or on extra small coils 

Juice Factory Espresso SC

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 1 & 2%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-0.5-3% 
No Safety Data Sheets

Much like FA’s Dark Bean, this too is bold yet a darker semi-bitter full -bodied espresso. In a solo taste test, it’s a tad smoother than FA’s, and presents strong aromatic bakery elements, probably from Acetyl Pyrazine. 

Flavour Notes – Description

There are a number of similarities to FA’s dark bean concentrate, although this vapes a tad smoother and offers distinct bakery notes from the AP. The dominant flavour is certainly espresso, but there’s a real roasted bakery element here, far more than with FA’s version. I get a good level of nuttiness blended with sweetness also, not too much but a perfect balance.

Pairings – Uses – Tips

Although this is compatible with tobaccos, dark fruits and alcohols, the distinct bakery accents make it suited to dairy and dessert vapes. Sure, use it anywhere, but it shines when mixed with flavours like caramels, butterscotch, vanilla, marshmallow and tiramisu.

  1. If you find this too bold, make a 10 or 20 % dilution in PG
  2. Steeping isn’t really a necessity here, but I’d give it a few days 
  3. Due to potential gunking, avoid higher percentage mixes in eGo styled clearomisers, or on extra small coils 
  4.  If pairing with dairy and or dessert flavours, start at 0.25-0.50%, let steep 2 weeks and test. This percentage range is suited to subtle accents/nuances.

Purilum Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 2 & 4%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-02-5% 
No Safety Data Sheets
Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl free.

Purilum by Nicotine River are coming out with some really useful flavours, and this one is a fine example. If you’ve ever had a foo foo coffee (dessert styled) at Gloria Jeans or Starbucks, this is what to expect.

Flavour Notes – Description

A medium roasted bean with fairly low acidity, without being bitter or having harshness. The coffee is certainly present, but it’s matched with a fair amount of sweetness from the creams and strong caramel notes. The caramel is a creamy buttery type, not hard cracked. It’s almost overly sweet, and for some, it may well be. For various applications, it may need a shot or two of extra coffee.

Pairings – Uses – Tips

Although this is geared toward dessert or Starbucks Frappuccino styled drinks, it can be taken in a different direction. It works as an additive to add sweetness to dessert tobaccos, or anything that supports a coffee, caramel and cream layer.

Good pairings include Ice Cream, Vanilla, Flavorah vanilla custard or Inawera custard, Marshmallow (Purilum is great) cake such as Yellow or Pound, Nuts, alcohols and spices such as Cinnamon.

I’ve seen people say they use this between 5 and 10%, which for me is too extreme, especially if using it for a more subtle purpose. Generally, I’d suggest starting at 2 -3% and work from there. 

  1. Try adding 0.25- 0.5% of an espresso flavour as it hero’s the coffee a bit more, and levels the sweetness
  2.  Jamaican Rum and or Kahlua and cream work well here too
  3.  The 2 week steep I gave should be a minimum, I’ve since tested it aged an extra 2 weeks and it’s more rounded.

Tips On Mixing With Coffee

custard for coffee
Caramel cream
marshmallow diy
tobacco flavours diy

Here are some of my favourite flavours to add to coffee, whether as an additive or an additional layer. I recommend experimenting with percentages. All but tobacco will add some sweetness too.

For Additives: As a guide, start with 0.25 and work up to 0.50%

Creams, Custards, Caramel, Marshmallow, Marzipan, Tiramisu (Booster by FA), Cookies and tobacco. 

Steeping: Although one may get away without steeping a strong plain coffee recipe, be aware that any additional layer of flavour will most likely make steeping necessary.

Acetyl Pyrazine (AP) is a great additive for dessert coffee mixes. Juice factory’s espresso has it already but many other coffee’s don’t incorporate it. Obviously, this is most worthwhile if mixing a dessert styled coffee.

Purilum, or any other blended dairy-based coffee, can benefit from some additional espresso. As mentioned above, this helps to balance out the sweetness.

How I Test Flavour Concentrates

All flavours are tested using an RDA – Vandy Vape Pulse 22
Fused Claptons – 2x27g TM N80 and 1x40g N80 
Tested at 25 & 35 watts using Native Wicks Platinum Blend cotton.

All flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine.
Generally steeped for 2 weeks.

Flavour Notes are based on aroma, the 5 ml water test and vaping. 
See our post on Testing Flavours


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