Cream Flavours for DIY

Cream Flavours, Uses and Pairings

Creams are one of the most commonly used dessert flavours, often as an additive or enhancer. They’re not a stand-alone flavour but many mixes can benefit from some added cream or richness, and not just desserts.

Apart from some obvious uses like cakes, chocolate, coffee, fruit mixes and ice creams, creams are a great additive for tobaccos and dark liquor, as well as being suitable for mixes that require varying degrees of sweetness, richness or cream. 

Speaking of sweetness, creams can often be utilised in replace of traditional sweeteners. 

Common Cream Uses

I’ve mentioned some, but apart from certain umami – savoury mixes, I can’t think of many flavour profiles that would object to a dollop or two of cream.

My main uses are- Coffees, Cakes, Fruit, Tobaccos, blending it with other creams and or vanillas, and as a sweetener in small percentages. I also use it with certain mixes that include nuts; I’m currently trying to nail a recipe with tobacco, rum, nuts and creams.

Whilst there are many other creams we can discuss, this post focuses on more traditional, plain creams. Other creams (including fusions) such as Catalan, Irish cream, Banana Cream and Cookies and Cream will be looked at down the road.

Pairing Examples

This list could almost be endless, but here are some complimentary and contrasting examples.

Ice Creams
Other Creams
Caramel -Butterscotch

Cakes, Cookies, Pies
Soda-Soft drinks

Recommended Concentrates

I’ve experimented with many creams, and the following five are among the best that are available domestically. When I discover more I’ll add them, but for now, these should cover all your needs. 

FlavourArt Vienna Cream

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 2%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-1-2.5% (Not recommended)
Safety Data Sheet.

This cream, along with FA’s Fresh Cream, is an absolute must. FlavourArt excels at producing authentic, diacetyl-diketone free flavours, and they’ve done well with these two creams. Vienna is interesting as it has some additional notes other than regular cream and milk.


A useful cream suitable for many applications. A rich, not overly sweet cream that makes a great base to use with additional creams and or vanillas. It’s fine as a mixer on its own too but may need an extra boost depending on the intended application. 

Make sure you let vienna steep for up to 2 weeks, taste is a bit off for many if not aged.

Flavour Description – Notes

Vienna is rich and semi-sweet, having notes that resemble a vanilla cream pie filling. There’s a touch of butter and vanilla there and a hint of custard; without Italy’s traditional lemon notes. There is a distinct note that I was unable to recognise until I looked at the flavours safety sheet. It’s a pineapple compound flavour, although fairly subtle, and blends nicely at low percentages.

The aroma during the water test appears to suggest it has some body, yet, very little is present .

My Favourite Pairings

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 
FA Fresh Cream 
FLV Vanilla Bean
FLV Vanilla Custard
FW Butterscotch Ripple 
FLV Smoked Butterscotch
TPA-TFA Marshmallow
TPA-TFA Toasted Marshmallow
FA Mixed Nuts & TFA Pistachio
FA Dark bean (espresso)
FA Fuji (Apple)
FA Banana
Juice factory Cherry
Various Tobaccos 

Many of these pairings apply to the other creams here too.  As always, it’s up to one’s preferences. A little experimenting should reveal which one is best suited to fit your application. 

Although I mixed this batch at 2%, and it could be taken as far as 3%, I’d suggest not to. Anything over 2.75% and the included ethyl propionate tends to become a tad strong.  Ethyl Propionate is a GRASS compound that offers a pineapple element. See the safety data sheet above.

As I mentioned before, this is a must have cream-base, it’s too useful to pass up. 

TFA Bavarian Cream

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 5%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-2-6% 
Safety Data Sheet

Bavarian cream may be the most popular of all the creams here, it’s certainly been in countless thousands of recipes, and justly so. Although Flavor West, Jungle flavors and others make Bavarian cream, I’ve chosen TFA’s version due to its popularity, ease of availability, and the fact that it’s just a great cream.


This is a rich, dairy intense cream, that’s suitable for many applications. It also makes a great additive or as a blended with other creams, vanilla’s too. Every mixer needs this one.  

Flavour Description – Notes

A rich and buttery cream with heavy vanilla notes. There’s also a custard presence, maybe more noticeable during the water testing stage. A distinct malt, maple and or a brown sugar note is also present,  these stem from included Maltol and Maple based compounds.  

Some vapers swear there’s marshmallow there too, although I feel it’s more the blend of all the ingredients.

My Favourite Pairings

Many are the same as with FA Vienna Cream. Additionally, I’ll add –

FA Cookie, JF Pound Cake, FLV Cookie Batter, FLV Red Velvet, Juice Factory Vanilla, FW Graham Cracker, and Sugar Cookie, FA Coconut and various strawberries.

This is a must-have concentrate, and one of the most popular creams used in recipes. Certainly up there with TFA’s best flavours.

FlavourArt Fresh Cream

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 1.5%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-1-2% (Not recommended)
Safety Data Sheet

This is one of the most useful dessert flavours ever produced. One thing that’s great about this is that it adds creaminess without the sugar or sweetness, and without that artificial and or plastic taste that can be found in many creams.


As far as a fresh cream flavour goes, without sugar or vanilla, I don’t believe there’s a quality substitute available domestically. Apart from this tasting as labelled, it offers a smooth cream flavour at low percentages and a heavier milky note at higher percentages.

This is a perfect example of revealing the benefits to using a quality, clean, non-peppery nicotine. This applies to many other softer, lighter flavours, however, it’s obviously based on additional flavours used

Flavour Description – Notes

Apart from the cream and milk, there’s not much going on here, and that’s exactly what it’s supposed to represent. Both the aroma and the water test reveal little other than a fresh, light clean cream. 

The vape offers a soft mouthfeel, offering no real body and with no sweetness. There’s cream-milk, nothing more.  Any desired sweetness must come from additional flavours.

My Favourite Pairings

Apart from everything listed above, I tend to grab this cream first as it makes for a great cream base or a more plainer cream without any additional flavours. It’s the most basic pure cream of the batch, which makes it more flexible. If you just want cream, this is the one to use.

TFA Sweet Cream

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 2%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-1.5-2% (Not recommended)
Safety Data Sheet

This is probably the most popular of the three major sweet cream concentrates, Capellas and Flavor West are also common, yet they all differ to some degree.  For example, there’s sweet vs. not so sweet, cheese vs. more cheese and vanilla vs little vanilla. It’s always personal preference.


A not so sweet,  fairly heavy-dense cream offering notes of cheese and vanilla, somewhat like a heavy whipping cream. It’s certainly not a stand-alone and in reality is most useful as a base to build other creams and or vanillas. 

Flavour Description – Notes

A nice mouthfeel and aroma. A light cream-buttermilk flavour with more cream notes than butter. There’s a distinct salty cheese flavour which becomes more potent as you increase above 2-2.5 percent.

My Favourite Pairings

Bakery generally, especially when a touch of umami-savoury is desired. With light fruits, I feel the better option is to use either Vienna, Fresh cream or even Bavarian. This can work for darker and or stone fruits, but often I’ll blend in some contrasting lighter creams, such as FA Fresh Cream.

Other Creams
FW Graham Cracker
TFA Cheesecake
INW Biscuit
FA & TFA Apple Pie
FLV Granola 
FA Cookie
FLV Cookie Dough
FW Sugar Cookie
TFA & FA Marshmallow
FA Meringue
FA Marzipan
FA Blueberry
Juice factory Raspberry

Personally, I generally prefer using creams that are devoid of additional layers or flavour, such as cheese, as this allows me to add whatever flavour I think will suit the application. However, there certainly is a place for such creams, especially when it comes to bakery and or darker fruit flavours.

Capella Sweet Cream

Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 5%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-3-6% (Not recommended)
Safety Data Sheet

I recently picked up this flavour, so haven’t had a lot of time to experiment. It’s quite popular and has a lot going for it depending on one’s application. FW also has a sweet cream version that I plan on testing early next month.


A heavier and sweeter version than TFA’s, yet a better choice if blending with just a couple of additional flavours.
This can almost be blended into a cross between cream, sour cream and yogurt at high percentages. However, I feel it best used as a blender, keeping percentages low.

Flavour Description – Notes

A rich, heavily buttered sweet cream with earthy and cheese notes present. There’s another element here, perhaps nuts but I’m unsure.  Aroma is semi-sweet with a distinct sour and slight rancid buttery note. This generally comes from using Butyric Acid and is more apparent in percentages above 3.5-4.

Don’t let this put you off, it’s still a very useful flavour.

My Favourite Pairings

I haven’t had sufficient time to compile a decent list, but so far it looks like it’s much the same as TFA’s version. As with all flavours, deciding on which brand to buy, can only be reached by trial and error.

So far it does seem to work well with various berries and much like TFA’s, darker fruits and bakery.

Tips on using Creams
FA marshmallow
FA Marshmallow
fa meringue diy
FA Meringue
FlavourArt Butter diy
FA Butter
FA polar blast diy
FA Polar Blast
diy mandarin and cream
FA Mandarin
Cap juicy lemon
CAP Lemon
diy honey and cream
FA Honey
FLV Peppermint

When it comes to creams, we can add anything from subtle nuances to more intense complimentary or contrasting flavours; It’s really up to you and your taste buds. As a rule, I don’t wish to turn cream into something it isn’t, as it’s a wonderful natural flavour, and feel it generally works best when we live by the adage of less is more.

Depending on the cream or the mix of creams one uses (perhaps you want a cream base) they can easily be overpowered by strong, rich or intense flavours, so by all means experiment, but do so a step, or a drop at a time.

Richer Creams
If you’re looking to add some richness, body and or a complimentary layer, and you wish to keep to the profile, think about some of the examples pictured above.

Marshmallow, Meringue or butter, yes more butter, can offer some wonderful results. Again, go easy and be wary when adding any diketone-custard note flavours, as these can turn your mixes into an almost sickly concoction if used in excess. 

Vanilla is an obvious pairing for creams, and quite often a small percentage of 0.5% (sometimes more) can make a cream a tad more realistic, or better suit the intended application. 

Baby it’s cold outside
Polar Blast from FlavourArt is probably your best bet for adding cold or chill to vanilla ice creams, and equally efficient with creams. It won’t alter the base profile, but it certainly adds some authenticity if you’re blending creams with ice cream. You may want to explore a creamy fruit mix using Polar Blast too.

A drop or two of nuance
In keeping with less is more, the additional pics above represent good examples of commonly used flavours, all of which go really well with creams.

Mandarin by FlavourArt is an excellent authentic fruit flavour, and adding 0.25-1% or even more, can really brighten up creams. The same can be said for Capellas Juicy Lemon, FA’s Honey and Flavorah’s Peppermint. These are just examples of successful pairings I’ve used, and although they’re fairly mainstream they work well.

Other complimentary flavours that make good companions are listed above under pairings. I forgot to mention FA’s Marzipan again, this is a must try at low percentages.

Go nuts with creams, they’re fun to mix with, and don’t hold the nuts. Happy mixing.

From The Table,

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How I Test Flavour Concentrates

All flavours are tested using an RDA – Vandy Vape Pulse 22
Fused Claptons – 2x27g TM N80 and 1x40g N80 
Tested at 25 & 35 watts using Native Wicks Platinum Blend cotton.

All flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine.
Generally steeped for 2 weeks.

Flavour Notes are based on aroma, the 5 ml water test and vaping. 
See our post on Testing Flavours

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