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Aesthetics & Form

When it comes to appearance, there are differences within the vast array of clearomisers, sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomiser tanks. However, they often pertain to size, both in terms of diameter and height.

Various designs are used to house the internal coil or atomiser, yet the outside appearance of tanks tend to share a universal form factor. 

Older eGo or CE style clearomisers, which are far less common these days, are the general exception.

Features & Control

Tanks, irrespective of type, are powered by the battery and or power supply unit – A Mod or Starter e-Cig device.

That is where settings such as wattage and or voltage are made.

The only real feature on tanks is Air Flow control or AFC. This controls the type of draw, be it airy or more restrictive, as with smoking. 

The diagrams below show common configurations for clearomiser tanks, atomiser coils and the air flow control section.



Performance differs greatly among various tanks, but it is the atomiser coil that has the most bearing on overall vapour and flavour production.

As a rule, lower ohm coils produce significantly more vapour, particularly when using a high VG content. However, wattage is also a factor.

Coils come in various resistances and are often manufactured for a specific tank. Always experiment with lower and higher ohm coils if that’s an option.

Tank Diagram
Common Clearomiser Tank Parts
atomiser-coil diagram
Common Coil Design

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