Divine Juices – Premium boutique e-liquids

This panda makes some yummy e-liquids

The man behind Divine Juices, known locally and on various forums as Noe, often uses images of pandas for his avatar. Having met up with him recently I can assure you he is in fact human, yet, I can relate to his obvious appreciation for these beloved animals.

I also share his passion in creating quality e-liquids, although so far, I’ve only tried his tobacco flavours. I must say they’re up there or even more satisfying than the best commercial juices I’ve tried. IMHO, far too many companies fall short with this flavour category.

I rarely review specific e-liquids, as I’ve always felt that taste is too subjective. However, in this case, I would be doing a disservice to smokers and vapers not bringing these bottles of goodness to your attention. 

I purchased these bottles for this review, and was aware of their reputation and looked forward to trying them. I also believe we should be supporting local vendors.

Bewdy, Smokey, BBB and Royal

The 4 flavours I’ve tried are all excellent and would satisfy even the most discerning vaper. As I’ve mentioned, these juices are more satisfying (to me at least) than most of what’s available from larger commercial juice houses. There’s something to be said for making e-liquids in small batches, using quality ingredients with a little extra TLC.

I’ve vaped these with and without nicotine and find them equally satisfying, although many will want to purchase these juices as doublers, adding their desired percentage of nicotine. Below are descriptions of these juices taken from their website –


Dry tobacco, great as an ADV, goes well with most alcoholic drinks but especially with dark spirits, also very good to vape while drinking coffee.


An authentic taste of blended bright virginian & dark burley tobaccos, soaked in fine bourbon & steeped inside an oak barrel.
Possibly our driest tobacco flavour, very smooth, with up-front tobacco notes, well-rounded wood notes & subtle bourbon notes to compliment.

Royal Cavendish

It has no added sweeteners, all the sweetness comes from the careful selection of flavors used to make it as true to the Cavendish tobacco style as possible. Royal Cavendish should appeal to lovers of sweet tobacco flavours & dessert vapers.

Smokey Fog  

It’s designed to mimic that smokey flavour, that some vapers miss & hopefully, it can replace that “occasional” cancer stick, helping these vapers kick the habit entirely.
That is not to say that vapers that don’t sneak off for a stinky won’t enjoy this juice, the flavour is smokey & dry but it leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth, with no ashy taste or ashtray mouth, no stale, stinky, smoke saturated clothes either.
It is just a pleasant, authentic, tobacco smoke flavour , without all the bad toxins from real tobacco smoke!

Flavorah tobacco

Coffee and a Bewdy, Please

I agree with Noe’s assessment that vaping Bewdy is great with a good cup of Joe. However, all the tobaccos are great with coffee and quite frankly, yummy with a nice port or distilled beverage. I remember the days of enjoying a robust pipe tobacco along with Yalumba Port. Even better with a vape though.

Once I’ve tried a few more flavours I’ll return with my thoughts. What’s important for now though is that these offerings are top shelf. They’re nicely balanced, utilising quality ingredients, extremely satisfying and surprisingly inexpensive.

In my opinion, Divine Juices may be the best value for money in terms of what I’ve tried to date. Putting that aside though, they’re just a bloody good vape. Divine Juices Website.

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