DIY e-liquid Mixing

Guides, tutorials and resources on how to make your own custom e-liquids


Quality concentrated flavours are the building blocks of DIY. Experimenting with profiles from various manufacturers enables you to build an inventory on which you can unleash your creativity.


Starting with as little as 6 or so flavours allows one to create a number of profiles that can satisfy. An example could be a blended tobacco with a touch of caramel, vanilla and an underlying note of nuts or bourbon. 


Having a variety of flavour profiles can assist with transition. They can also satisfy long-term. Although there are countless recipes online, hone your skills through practice and trial and error, creating your own profiles. 

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review of AWS lb-501 scales

AWS LB-501 Digital Scale Review

Juice Factory now carry what must be the most popular scales used for DIY mixing, the AWS LB-501. This product was sent for review purposes, so let’s take a closer look.

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