DIY e liquids

DIY e-liquid

Exploring DIY – How to make your own e-liquids


Quality concentrated flavours are the most important building blocks of DIY. Experimenting with flavours from various manufacturers enables you to build an inventory on which you can unleash your creativity.

Flavouring companies such as FlavourArt, Flavorah, Inawera, TFA, Molinberry and Capella’s produce excellent FDA approved flavours.

Determining suitability could be based on authenticity and concentration of flavour, yet it always comes down to personal preference.


Armed with as little as 10 or so flavours, allows one to create a number of profiles that would satisfy as an all day vape.

An example could be a blended tobacco with a touch of caramel, vanilla and an underlying note of nuts or bourbon.

Imagination and creativity are key, and once embraced, will allow for an unlimited array of tasty, satisfying flavour concoctions.  


It’s been said that having a variety of flavour profiles can assist with transition. They can also satisfy long-term.

Although there are countless recipes online, hone your skills through practice and trial and error, creating your own unique profiles, or variations that add a touch of your own taste and preference.

Developing something unique is both encouraging and satisfying. 

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Free DIY Classes - Sydney Table Meets

Learn how to make your own e liquids, starting with a 2 hour introduction. Covering hardware requirements, flavours, nicotine and recipe development. This is a free service for those in Sydney.