DIY Tools and Supplies

Glass bottles with dropper
Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles
amber glass bottles
Amber Glass Bottles
Plastic bottles
Plastic Bottles
PG and VG
Graduated Cylinders for DIY
Graduated Cylinders
Pipettes for DIY Mixing
Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile Gloves

Tools and Supplies Needed to make DIY e-liquids  

(Originally posted May 2016)

Many of these supplies are available from our recommended vendors. However, I’ll list my go-to vendors for certain items as all are not available from vaping vendors. I also have a preference on certain supply types.

You can get away without the glass bottles to start if you wish.

Graduated Cylinders

Used for accurate measures of PG, VG or Nicotine. I suggest a 10 ml and a 25 ml. Glass or plastic is fine and I have both, although I’d suggest plastic to protect against breakage. These are available from Lab Friend Australia. As an alternative, you can use a plastic medicine measure cup from a supermarket or chemist, but not all are accurate.


These are handy for smaller 1- 3 ml measures and also stirring. Many e Cig vendors carry them and they’re very inexpensive. Grab about half a dozen or so of both 1 ml and 3 ml capacity.


These are used for measuring, transferring liquids and filling bottles. I don’t use them at all anymore, but if you wish to I’d recommend one of each – 1 ml, 3 ml, and 10 ml. You should also grab some matching blunt needles.

Gloves – Disposable Nitrile

These should be worn when mixing with Nicotine. They’re available from Bunnings Warehouse.

Plastic Bottles

Have at least 6 of each size. 10 ml and 30 ml. 50 ml is also worthwhile for larger batches. You will need more as time goes by, so just add the odd one or two to each of your vaping orders. My favourite are nipple-top 30 ml dropper bottles available from VapeKing in Sydney.

Glass Bottles

Amber and Cobalt Blue are the standards. Amber for Nicotine and Cobalt for Mixes. However, you can use clear glass for your mixes or e liquids. Amber not only protects nicotine from light, but it’s commonly used to distinguish against other liquids. Cobalt blue also protects, and it’s a nice change from regular clear bottles.

Although Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) bottles are generally used within the industry, glass is preferable and a necessity in certain circumstances. LDPE plastic bottles can allow unwanted molecules to enter, not to mention air.

Utilise glass for longer-term storage. 10, 30, 50 and 250 ml bottles are common. Always buy bottles with their own droppers to avoid cross-contamination. Don’t store flavourings in plastic for longer than 3 or 4 months. Move them to glass with a tight seal. Also do not use plastic droppers, only glass. Currently, I’m purchasing all my glass bottles from Pack my Products and The Steamery. They’re also available from Glass Bottles Direct Australia.

Propylene Glycol (PG)  and Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

PG and VG
pg and vg

The two primary base ingredients of all e liquids. I would recommend having 250 ml of each as a minimum. Virtually all e Cig vendors carry PG and VG. Base Drop offers 1- litre containers of each (as pictured) and it’s far more economical in the long-run. Only use USP or BP food grade PG & VG.

Concentrated Flavours

There are numerous flavour manufacturers, but most Vaping vendors carry the common ones. You may wish to see our post on Concentrated Flavours


Pharmaceutical grade nicotine must currently be imported, however, it’s a very simple process. Purchasing from New Zealand or China is both cost-effective and shipping is generally within a week. Please see our post on Where to buy Nicotine.

Additional Tools and Supplies

In addition to the above basic supplies, I suggest you have the following on hand –

•    Cleaning / Spillage rags
•    Filtered Water
•    Hand Sanitiser
•    2 open small glasses of water
•    Writing pad for taking notes – DIY Mixing Software –
•    Glass Bowls – Mise en place are perfect – Small glass kitchen bowels
•    Organiser / Box for Flavours
•    Flat wooden board, large ceramic tile or a kitchen tray.

If you have any questions or would like to add something, why not drop us a line. Please keep all supplies away from children and pets.

I must say that I’m surprised not a single Australian company carries anything close to a comprehensive inventory of needed supplies. Invariably, I need to source glass bottles with droppers, graduated cylinders and gloves.

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