Safety and Tips for Built-In Battery E-cigs

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How to care for the battery section

Handling & Charging practices

When it comes to vaping, there is nothing more critical than safety, and irrespective of the type of e-cig, there are certain simple guidelines we must follow to ensure the safe use, recharging and storage of our batteries. 

Here we look at e-cigarettes that have built-in non-replaceable batteries- such as Pod Systems, AIO’s or All In Ones, Tube or stick Mods, and entry level Mods such as pictured above. Some are sealed 1 piece devices, while others allow you to unscrew and remove the battery section from the tank.  

An AIO vape pen fusion device
Aspire Tigon Tube Mod
Aspire PockeX AIO
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Designed for Simplicity & Safety

Built-in internal batteries

Reputable e-cig devices with built-in batteries are specifically designed to match the atomiser coils used for a tank that may be included in a kit. Therefore, these present less safety concerns than more advanced Mods using torch type batteries such as 18650’s- Mods that are sold as is without an included tank.

Having said that, we still need to adhere to general usage and recharging guidelines,.

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Battery Safety & Tips

Get the most from your battery

Follow these tips to minimise any potential risks, and maximise the life expectancy of your batteries.

  • Always use the included USB charging cable and or power adapter
  • Take note in the manual of the maximum amperage if using a wall adaptor
  • Never leave batteries unattended. Best to charge nearby and never leave overnight
  • Do not overcharge batteries – Remove as soon as charged
  • Do not over discharge batteries – This can harm or shorten their life span
  • It’s best to charge batteries before they go flat – say at 30%
  • Exposure to high heat or extreme cold can damage a battery – do not leave in a hot car or sun
  • Batteries can possibly become dislodged or damaged if dropped
  • Turn device off when not in use or when placed in pockets-purse-bag
  • Always purchase e-cigs from reputable vaping vendors
  • Never try to open and replace a sealed battery 

Battery Life

All rechargeable batteries generally last about a year or 300 charges. As the battery ages, it’s common to notice a reduction in performance and or the time it takes to charge. Don’t risk using older batteries and dispose appropriately thereafter.

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