A few recommendations for beginner and intermediate vapers

Aesthetics & Form

A Mod should be appealing and feel comfortable in your hand. Devices that support internal, and or single replaceable 18650 batteries, offer the best compromise in size, convenience and performance.

Pocket sized Starter e Cigs, may suit best for outings or short-term travel.

Features & Control

Today’s Mods have numerous features, yet they’re simple to operate and maintain. Our recommended devices have proven to assist with transition.

Please see our introduction and guide to Mods below. We list the specs and features one should consider.


When adhering to basic battery safety and easy periodic maintenance, Mods generally provide long-term, trouble-free operation.

New vapers need be aware that the Atomiser and Tank are paramount to governing overall performance and satisfaction.

innokin cool fire 4 tc 18650

Introduction and Guide to Mods

We look at the differences between regulated and unregulated devices, or Mechanical Mods. How Mods differ from Starter e Cigs, plus what are the basic features and specs that a Mod should support. 

Sydney Table Meets

Come meet with us and discover the benefits of switching to vaping. Gauge your suitability and test drive a variety of e Cig hardware and e liquids.