Ecig oz e-liquids

ecig oz e-liquids

Quality Aussie e-Juices - Clean, Satisfying and Affordable

Recently, the owners of Ecig Oz reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying some of their e-liquids. I must admit I knew little about the company, and had previously never tried their products. 

As some may be aware, I’m not crazy about the majority of commercially made juices, not because the quality is inferior per se, it’s really about personal preference. For my tastes, too many are over sweetened, and in some cases, various compounds interfere with one’s perception of what the given profile should deliver.

I’m pleased to say that this is not the case with the flavours that were sent to me, and there are a few standouts that are quite honestly, wonderful.

NOTE: I have to head off overseas shortly, until the last week of October, but wanted to start this post prior to leaving.  So for now, here are a few thoughts on these 4 standouts –

Apple: This is the best apple e-liquid I’ve tried, and it’s not going to last long. I’ve even added some into my own tobaccos, along with their Tobacco Gold. Its aroma is certainly a Granny Smith type blend, but there’s also something else in the mix, perhaps a dash or two of red apple or something, just to take some extra tartness away. This is terrific on its own or to blend with other flavours. 5 stars.

Blackberry: Another clear winner here. I was dreading trying this one as blackberry is one of my favourite fruit flavours, and all too often I’m left disappointed.  There’s a perfect balance of sweetness here and the blackberry is distinct with no chemical or compound tastes, and one would think they’ve just squeezed the juices right from the fruit. I do get a very subtle background note of other wild berries perhaps, but whatever the blend, it’s blackberry that really stands out. Excellent.

Gold Tobacco: Oh no, not another tobacco! Well, IMHO virtually all tobaccos either miss the mark, or are just plain horrible. Far too many have a chemical taste, are too sweet, or just have too much going on that doesn’t fit. Whilst I prefer to make my own, this blend was a pleasant surprise. It reminds me of a particular RY4 base concentrate, although there’s more going on here. It’s not harsh but it’s distinctly tobacco. By the way, it blends wonderfully with a dash or two of their apple or blackberry. I rarely recommend commercial tobacco flavours, but in this case, grab a bottle, it’s really nice!

Unflavoured: I never thought I’d be discussing an unflavoured e-liquid, apart from the fact that hardly anyone offers the option. I’ll speak a little more about this and the others when I return, but know that this is a superb blend, and far more useful than many may realise. So much focus is placed on producing a close cigarette type clone, when often all one needs is unflavoured. Obviously, one can simply add a few drops of another flavour in the mix, but the more I vape this, the more I’m reminded that the simple things are often equally satisfying.

I’ll spend a littler more time with the Arctic Menthol and Menthol when I get back, but wanted to thank David from Ecig OZ for sending me these juices. Please tell the mixers they’re doing a great job. Not that this is particularly important, but the bottles and the labels are superb. Very classy.

Charles Yates

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