Starter Kits - Beginner Vaporisers

Aesthetics & Form

Starter or beginner vaporisers are available in various shapes and sizes, and are often pocket-friendly. 

These devices are either tubed, box or rectangular in shape, but no matter the form, most fit comfortably in the hand.

They’re a perfect starting point for smokers and are often suitable long-term.  

Features & Control

Today’s vaporisers offer far greater performance than earlier electronic cigarettes. Many are an AIO or All In One style, without menus and supporting a single fire button only.

They’re extremely simple to use and maintain, and have proven to assist many with transition.


Although beginner vaporisers are a scaled down version of a mod, today’s atomiser coils can offer outstanding performance. 

These devices are becoming increasingly popular, even with veteran vapers. They’re small and often light-weight, and a single click of a button offers great satisfaction.