e Cig Starter Kits

starter e cigs

MyJet pod system

Pod systems are the latest addition to starter e cig types. They’re very small, provide ample power, flavour and vapour. But are they suitable for you?

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Joyetech eGo AIO

The eGo AIO, along with Innokin’s Endura T 18 and Aspire’s PockeX, IMO, represent the best in today’s ‘All In One’ (AIO) starter kits. This is a great e Cig suitable for all vapers.

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Innokin SmartBox

The smartbox is a sort of fusion between a starter e Cig and a Mod. Complete with a tank, and has a single fire button with no menu system.

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Innokin Endura T18

Innokin Endura T 18

One of the most respected starter vapourisers ever designed for smokers. Along with Aspire’s PockeX and Joyetech’s eGo AIO, these represent some of today’s better choices.

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Eleaf iCare

A compact e Cig that is activated as one puffs, just as you would when smoking. A K.I.S.S. design with no buttons or menu system.

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aspire pockex

Aspire PockeX AIO

Aspire have produced a superb AIO device for beginners. It’s easy to use, with just a single fire button and no complex menu systems.

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Starter e Cig Guide

An introductory guide looking at beginner style e Cigs such as All In Ones (AIO). What are the benefits and are they suitable for all vapers? Are Mods generally a better option?