e-cigarette manufacturers need to get back to basics

A little more focus on the smoker, please.

There’s no denying that veteran vapers drive the market, and as such, many mods and starter kits are being packed with almost every conceivable feature. Advanced menu systems, options galore, and a tanks atomiser or coil, is being offered in resistances just slightly above zero.  

In essence, Industry is churning out devices that require more knowledge than many are willing to commit to.

This is fine, even warranted for those with sufficient experience, but what about the smoker who just wants simplicity? obviously coupled with a sufficient level of performance..

Whilst there are numerous starter kits out there, far too many incorporate unnecessary features, leading to confusion and even uncertainty. This is especially true for the elderly, or those with various disabilities. 

Most smokers I meet want simplicity, and to be satisfied by merely holding the device and pushing a button..

Aspire PockeX AIO
Aspire PockeX
suorin air v2
Suorin Air V2
Innokin T20s
Innokin T20S

Over the years I’ve conversed with numerous smokers, many, particularly those above 50 or so, are slightly turned off by complexity. Size is another factor, as many want a pocket-friendly device. Although they exist, industry should consider offering a more balanced selection. 

The videos below are examples of simplicity coupled with performance.

From a marketing and sales perspective, does it not make sense to cater a little more to smokers needs? After all, yesterday’s smoker may well be tomorrows e-Cig consumer.

This is what I hope for, and at times I’m somewhat baffled that industry doesn’t share a similar viewpoint.

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