E liquids

e liquids are available in virtually every flavour imaginable, and finding something suitable, whilst it's really trial and error, is a significant part of the transition process. Australian e liquids (also known as juices) tend to be more subtle, and often have less added sweeteners, particularly when compared to many American juices.

The majority of new vapers are fixated on Tobacco's yet, one quickly learns there are many satisfying flavours to enjoy.

e liquid safety

How safe are e liquids

There’s been much debate over the safety and health risks of e liquids for vaping. Let’s review the facts and look at the ingredients.

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black note e liquids

Black Note e liquids

These e liquids are for tobacco lovers and are available locally nicotine free, or from overseas, with nicotine. They just happen to be excellent too.

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WTA e liquids

Exploring WTA e liquids and how they could assist with transitioning from smoking. They played a role for me.

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