e liquids are available from virtually all vape vendors and generally sold in 30 ml standard bottles. Wherever possible, I suggest you visit your local vape shop and sample a variety of flavours.

Most Australian vendors sell both domestic and international brands. Australian juices tend to omit many of the additives that are present in e-liquids from larger international manufacturers. 


As with foods and beverages, the assortment of flavours is almost unlimited. Whilst tobacco is generally high on the list, one soon discovers that alternate flavours or fusions can be equally satisfying.

A fairly common practice is to blend two flavours, such as tobacco and caramel, thus providing an additional flavour at no extra expense.


Few subject matters are more controversial than nicotine, at least here in Australia. Due to current regulations, nicotine is illegal to sell, but may be imported with a script.

Nicotine solution is blended with PG and or VG and generally sold in 100 ml to 1-litre bottles. See our post on where to purchase nicotine.

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