Nicotine & Non Nicotine based

Commercial e-liquids

Some recommendations on quality e-liquids from domestic and international vendors


e-liquids should only be purchased from vape shops or reputable distributors. Visit your local vape shop and sample a variety of flavours. Most Australian vendors sell both domestic and international brands.


As with foods and beverages, the assortment of flavours is almost unlimited. Statistics tell us that testing multiple flavour profiles, and or having a variety on hand, helps greatly with the transition process. 


e-liquids containing nicotine are illegal to sell domestically, but can be imported. Although nicotine is generally desired, some vapers find they can reduce or even eliminate the need long-term. 

Ecig oz e-liquids

It’s not often that I review or discuss commercial e-liquids, but these from ecig oz are certainly worth bringing attention to.

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