Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes were widely introduced in 2007 and Cigalikes, their common name, were quick to attract those desperate to find an alternate means of quitting tobacco. This form factor wears a number of hats, at least in terms of their actual name. Vapes, First Gen or Generation, Disposables, Cigalikes, and even e Cigs. Yes, the language is often confusing and quite frankly there’s much ambiguity within the Vaping world.

All vaporisers or e-Cigs fall under three major categories known as Generations

• Electronic Cigarettes are First Generation devices
• Vape Pens or eGo style are Second Generation
• Mods or Vapourisers are Third and Fourth Generation devices
(Fourth Generation devices introduced Temperature Control)

I’ve spoken at length about these e Cigs or Cigalikes. Whilst they provide a glimpse into the vaping world, they fall short in areas that are necessary for transition. In addition, virtually all first generation electronic cigarettes offer rather unpleasant e liquid, and their contents are widely unknown, making them a bad option indeed.

As we see from the above image, electronic cigarettes are basically an enclosed system. What this means is that we have no control over what the ingredients are. Flavoured liquid cartridges are replaceable yet, virtually all electronic cigarette cartridges contain dozens of unwanted chemicals and compounds; unnecessary and quite frankly, potentially harmful long-term.

“For most, e liquids need only three or four main ingredients, plus nicotine if desired”

An additional negative is their lack of flexibility and power output. Cigalikes produce very little vapour and over 90% of those we have supported say there’s not enough oomph! Of equal significance is the fact that the tiny batteries only provide around two hours of vape time; particularly for medium to heavy smokers.

Although Cigalikes are rare in Australia, and none have nicotine, Big tobacco may make a move here if future regulations permit. If indeed this happens, stick with AIO’S and starter vaporisers. They’re safer and far superior.

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