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This is yumminess completely out of control, and I mean in a good way! The creamiest, richest (yet balanced) and most glorious butterscotch and ice cream fusion of them all. This is so bloody good it even gives the real thing a run for its money. 

Flavour Testing

  • Steeped for 2 weeks
  • Mixed at 4, 6 & 8%
  • Recommended percentages-
  • Solo Vape: 4-8% 
  • Mixed: 2-4%


Certificate of Analysis – COA

Often links go away after time, so here are some examples of ingredients. 

Vanillin – 10-20% of weight
Acetoin – 1.074% of weight
Butyric Acid – 1.003% of weight


A super creamy, rich and buttery butterscotch, just the way it’s supposed to be for a satisfying vape.  I could see some wanting this as a solo vape, perhaps even their only butterscotch. However, I’d suggest adding FlavourArts version, and or a softer caramel as this allows greater control and versatility.

Advantages for using this flavour is its widespread use and hence a large database of recipes, and the fact that it makes a great sweetener. 

Flavour Notes - Description

A super creamy, buttery butterscotch with ice cream like richness that has distinct vanilla and brown sugar notes. Sweet and rich but not overly, a wonderful balance of ingredients. 

There are no off notes or chemical like flavours to speak of, and although there’s a plethora of flavouring agents and esters, FW have done an amazing job of providing a close representation to an organic version of butterscotch ice cream. 

Don’t wonder whether you should buy this flavouring or not. Even if you dislike butterscotch, just go grab it now.

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Mixers around the world -


Taste is generally subjective, so here’s some thoughts from other DIYers about this flavour. Including flavour notes, pairings and preferred percentages.

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Common Pairings Used

  • Vanillas
  • Creams & Ice Creams
  • Vanilla Custard
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Sugar Cookie
  • Cookie-Biscuit
  • Ethyl Maltol

Average mixing percentages are –

  • Solo Vape:  7%
  • Mixed Percentage: 3.5%

Availability in Australia –

Juice Factory
The Steamery
Flavour World (Sydney Vapour)

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How I Test Flavours 

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

Testing flavours with e-cig
RDA for testing flavours
RDA for testing flavours

How I Test Flavours

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

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