Flavour Categories

Profile Database

Concentrated flavours for vaping fall under a number of categories such as -

Fruits – Bakery – Dessert – Dairy – Beverage – Alcohol – Candy – Menthol – Tobacco.
In addition, some flavours are more accurately fusions or blends.

September 20, 2020 – I am currently editing and updating the existing flavour posts, and will begin uploading these over the next week. For additional posts, I plan on adding at least one or two each month, but these type of blog posts take time. I need to reacquaint myself with older flavours, test new ones, and steep the flavours for an average of two weeks. 

I offer up some thoughts on various flavour profiles, often visiting their organic or real counterparts. There are some recommendations on specific concentrates, pairing suggestions, some tips, and links to what other mixers across the globe feel about the flavour. As we perceive taste differently, it’s necessary to provide insights into other mixers perspectives – what they taste, how useful a given flavour is, and how it is used.