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There are a number of flavouring manufactures who are quite transparent regarding specific ingredients, some however are considerably more secretive.  Those wanting MSDS or SDS (Safety Data Sheets) are often looking for the presence of any custard notes or diketones, such as Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Acetoin and Butyric Acid. (AKA Butanoic Acid).

Our post on Diketones and Custard Notes 

Safety data sheets may also provide additional information, such as dominant flavouring agents, additives, stabilisers and alcohols.

What no safety data sheet means

At times, companies may refrain from releasing a flavours SDS, and sometimes there’s virtually no information pertaining to specific ingredients. There are also companies that make nothing public, or somewhat difficult to obtain. It’s either due to the controversy of diketones, and or a desire to keep specific ingredients secret.   

About these Links 

Links below may be direct to the flavour manufacturer, or to a distributor or vaping supply company. At times, companies such as Wizard labs and e-Cig Express in the US, provide more detailed information than the actual flavour manufacturer.


Chem Novatic

One Stop DIY Shop

GC/MS Analysis

Liquid Barn

LB Data Sheets

Flavor Revolution

Nicotine River

Diacetyl Free
Acetoin Free
Acetyl Propionyl Free


Nicotine River

Diacetyl Free
Acetoin Free
Acetyl Propionyl Free

Flavors With No SDS Available

Nature’s Flavors
Bickford Flavors
Baker Flavors
Lotus Flavors (Medicine Flower)
Vape Train
Jungle Flavors

In some cases, an SDS will be provided if the manufacturer is emailed.

Lack of Ingredients on Safety Data Sheets

There are a number of SDSs that list virtually nothing about specific ingredients, other than maybe PG and VG.
In terms of custard notes, many SDSs or additional information may show that a flavour is free of Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl or Acetoin.  

However, what they may not mention is that when necessary, Butyric Acid, AKA Butanoic Acid is often utilised. This is still a custard note but not a diketone. Concentrated flavours with vanilla, custard or buttery notes, must contain at least one of the major custard notes and or diketones.

If you wish to add or mention additional flavour manufacturers, please let us know.

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