FlavourArt Dark Bean Espresso

This, along with Juice Factory’s offering are my favourite espresso concentrates, and probably the best out there. As I’ve said before, coffees for me are a great partner for tobaccos and or alcohol vapes, but no matter what style of coffee you enjoy, this concentrate offers the building blocks to give you that perfect shot of caffeine bliss.


This has long held the title as the king of coffees and the go-to for many renowned mixers. However, as good as it is, or should I say can be, Juice Factory’s espresso is certainly on par. Both are excellent, and whilst either is suitable for a variety of coffee-based recipes, or as an additive, Juice Factory’s is a tad more subtle and smoother.

FlavourArt Flavours

Test Batch Steeped for 2 weeks
Mixed at 1 & 2%
Recommended percentages- 
Solo Vape-0.5-3% 
Safety Data Sheet

Flavour Notes

A bold, true representation of Italian espresso. Not bitter per se (depending on %) but with just the right amount of bite. There are roasted, earthy, nutty, cocoa, tobacco and alcohol nuances from the included benzyl alcohol, offering up a very subtle touch of sweetness, and ultimately a damn good representation of java. 

I also get some marzipan-almond and or bakery notes here, albeit that these too are somewhat subtle.


Pairings are many, and cover virtually all the main flavour categories- Desserts, Dairy, Bakery, Alcohol, Fruits (especially dark) -Berries-Nuts, Tobacco and Spice. I have a more detailed list, including thoughts and tips on our Coffee Flavour Page.

As one would image, creams, vanilla, caramel, butterscotch and other mixed coffees such as Purilum Caramel Coffee with Sweet Milk, can produce excellent results. Nuts compliment very well too, considering there’s a tiny mixed bag thrown in the formula. I use FA’s Mixed nuts at 0.25 to 0.5%. 

Cream/s may well be the most important pairings here, not only will this allow for a closer representation of what many enjoy, but it also adds some sweetness, even toning down the boldness when needed. FlavourArts Fresh Cream at around 1 to 1.5% has always been a favourite for many mixers. Flavorah’s Cream is excellent too. 

Here are some of my favourite concentrates that I pair with this coffee-

Due to some of the nuances, this makes for an excellent tobacco additive, or simply as an additional subtle layer. Try 0.25-0.5% with Flavorah Cured or any base tobacco and work from there. It’s also great with nuts, marshmallow, dark fruits or drupes, such as cherry or blackberry. 

FA’s Tiramisu (Booster) compliments extremely well given the cocoa notes. Molinberry Glamour Chocolate is great too.    Considering the alcohol, this is also perfect for dark liquors, but my favourite alcohol pairing is with FA’s Jamaican Rum.

Percentages: Finding something suitable to blend with coffee is about as simple as it gets, but the trick more times than not, is getting percentages right. When experimenting start out low, perhaps 1 % and see how it works for you with cream/s and or other flavours. If you want a bold straight coffee base, go closer to 2 or even 2.5%. For an additive or subtle layer, stick closer to 0.25 to 0.5%.
Acetyl Pyrazine, or AP can add a nice bakery, buttery, creamy taste with a little added sweetness. Start at 0.5% up to 1.5%.
Sweeteners: I dislike using traditional sweeteners, and prefer to get sweetness from other concentrates. If your mix with this flavour is not sufficiently sweet, look at supporting flavours such as creams-sweet creams or ice creams. Flavorah’s caramel is an excellent alternative, offering a solid brown sugar base. Juice Factory Maple is nice at around 3-4%. Also, FlavourArts marzipan can work very well.
Marshmallow: Although not a sweetener, it’s often used as one. TFA or Purilum’s version is your best bet here but keep percentages low as marshmallow can and will mute flavours when using over 1%. 
Ethyl Maltol, or EMEthyl Maltol, or EM is sometimes used to add some sweetness to coffees, as well as a bit of extra body.
Keep percentages at 1% or lower as this can and will mute flavours and your overall mix. Start at around 0.25%-0.50%.

  1. If you find this too bold, make a 10 or 20 % dilution in PG
  2. Steeping isn’t always necessary here, but I’d give it a few days 
  3. Due to potential gunking, avoid higher percentage mixes in eGo styled clearomisers, or on extra small coils 
  4. If pairing with dairy and or dessert flavours, start at 0.25 to 0.50%. This percentage range is suited to subtle accents-nuances or as an additive

Alternate Coffees

Juice Factory Espresso Super Concentrate
Much like FA’s Dark Bean, this is a bold, darker semi-bitter full-bodied espresso. In a solo taste test it’s a tad smoother than FA’s, and presents strong aromatic bakery elements. I tend to use this over FA’s when a more mellow espresso is called for.

Purilum Caramel Coffee With Sweet milk
If you’ve ever had dessert type coffee at Starbucks or Gloria jeans, something thick with creams or ice creams, this is that flavour, and it’s very authentic and very yummy. It’s excellent used as a subtle layer or additive.

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How I Test Flavours

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG.
Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks.
Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

See our post onTesting Flavours

How I test flavours

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