Flavours available in Australia

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Here in Australia, we have a fairly comprehensive array of flavours to choose from, many being industry standards. However, there are a few flavouring companies that are only available if importing, generally form the US or the UK. More on that below.

Available Concentrates

Listed below are all the available concentrate companies and the vendors who distribute them. 

Real Flavors

Sydney Vapour NSW

Flavor Revolution

Sydney Vapour NSW

Custom Australian Concentrates

Juice Factory Concentrates

The custom blends that I've tried are excellent

JuiceWhore Signature

Tobacco concentrate you must try

Vape Train Concentrates

I look forward to testing them soon

So, here are the companies that currently do not have representation in Australia. Would someone please sign up to distribute the following companies?

OOO Flavors, Hangsen, DIY Flavorshack, Wonder Flavors, Lotus Flavors (Medicine Flower),  Nude Nicotine and Nature’s Flavor. Thank you.

From The Table,

It’s all about the juice..


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      Thanks for that, I mentioned this somewhere else but now realised that I forgot to add MF flavors here! I’l go add this info tomorrow, appreciate it and take care.

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