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Flavouring Companies

No one company produces the most accurate of all flavour profiles, and since taste is so subjective, it may be necessary to try multiple offerings of a given flavour to satisfy your preferences.

The above companies are well respected and commonly used. They are also some of my favourites. 


Flavour Notes

Taste testing flavours is the best way to understand how they can be utilised, what pairings can be used, and whether or not a specific flavour is satisfying.

Making notes is important, and best done by aroma and taste, which includes mixing a test batch to vape solo. 

See our post on Flavour Testing.


Flavour Pairing is an important part of successful mixing. This is achieved by trial and error, and a greater understanding of your flavours.

When you’re experimenting and or creating your e-liquids, it generally helps to look to foods and beverages. 

See our first post on Flavour Pairings.

Flavours on Hand


FLV Cured
FLV Kentucky Blend
FLV Red Burley
FLV Oriental Tobacco

FA Cuban Supreme
FA Glory
FA Virginia
FA Burley
FA Black Fire

Juice Factory Parliament
Juice Factory Black Fire
Juice Factory B&H
Juice Factory Dunhill
Juice Factory USA Mix
Juice Factory Tobacco Absolute SC

T-Juice Gold n Brown
T-Juice Primo Verde

INW Cavendish
INW Captain Jack for pipe
INW Black Cherry for pipe
INW Dark for pipe

JF RY4 Double
TPA-TFA RY4 Double
JW Signature Tobacco
Molinberry Charlie Tobacco
LB Vanilla Cream Tobacco

Desserts & Bakery

FLV Vanilla Custard
CAP Vanilla Custard V1
TPA-TFA Vanilla Custard
Molinberry Custard
INW Custard
FA Custard

INW Creme Brulee
LB Creme Brulee
FA Catalan Cream

TPA-TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
TPA-TFA Vanilla Bean Gelato
TPA-TFA Vanilla Swirl
TPA-TFA Vanilla Cupcake
TPA-TFA French Vanilla
FLV Smooth Vanilla
FLV Vanilla Bean
FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
INW Shisha Vanilla
Juice Factory Vanilla
FA Vanilla Bourbon
CAP French Vanilla

FA Caramel
FW Salted Caramel
Molinberry Melty Caramel
TPA-TFA Caramel Original
TPA-TFA Dulche De Leche

FLV Smoked Butterscotch
FA Butterscotch
FW Butterscotch Ripple

FA Vienna Cream
FA Fresh Cream

TPA-TFA Sweet Cream
TPA-TFA Whipped Cream
TPA-TFA Bavarian Cream

LB Cream
CAP Sweet Cream

Desserts & Bakery

INW Chocolate (Original)
Molinberry Glamour Chocolate
TPA-TFA Double Chocolate Clear
TPA-TFA White Chocolate
FA Chocolate
FA Cocoa

FLV Red Velvet
JF Yellow Cake
FW Yellow cake
CAP Cake batter
CAP New York Cheesecake
TPA-TFA Cheesecake-Graham Crust
LB Strawberry Cheesecake
LB Lava Cake

FW Pie Crust
TPA-TFA Apple Pie
FA Apple Pie

TPA-TFA Graham Cracker Clear
FW Graham Cracker
FLV Graham Cracker

FA Cookie
CAP Sugar Cookie V2
FW Sugar Cookie
FLV Sun Cookie
TPA-TFA Oatmeal Cookie

FLV Pastry Zest
FLV Lembas Bread
FLV Wheat
FLV Cinnamon Roll
FLV Cinnamon Crunch
CAP Cinnamon Danish
INW Biscuit
FA Tiramisu
FA Zeppola
FA wOw

TPA-TFA Marshmallow
TPA-TFA Toasted Marshmallow
FA Marshmallow

FA Meringue
FA Oba Oba
FA Marzipan

CAP Golden Buter
TPA-TFA Butter
LB Bakers Touch


FA Pineapple
FA Mandarin
FA Orange
FA Bano – Banana
FA Blackberry
FA Fuji

FLV Nectarine
FLV Apricot
FLV Cherry Blossom
FLV Blackberry Blossom
FLV Acai
FLV Pink Guava

TPA-TFA Dragon Fruit
TPA-TFA Strawberry
TPA-TFA Pineapple Juicy
TPA-TFA Lemon Lime 2
TPA-TFA Raisin

Juice Factory Raspberry 
Juice Factory Cherry 
Juice Factory Pineapple
Juice Factory Acai 

CAP Sweet Strawberry
CAP Peaches & Cream

FW Red Apple
FW Blueberry
FW Wild Berry Cobbler
FW Ecto Cooler
FW Blood orange
FW Orange Dream bar

LB Strawberry
LB Blue Raspberry
LB Pineapple

Purilum Country Apple
INW Lime
U4EA Passionfruit
The Steamery Summer Melon

FA Almond
FA Nut Mix
FLV Hazelnut
TPA-TFA Pistachio

FA Coconut


FA Oak Wood
FA MTS Vape Wizard
FA Liquid Amber
FA Polar Blast
FA Joy

FLV Pucker
FLV Oak Barrel
FLV Bourbon

TPA-TFA Hickory Smoke
TPA-TFA Koolada
TPA-TFA Acetyl Pyrazine


Beverage & Alcohol

LB Pink Lemonade

FLV Sangria
FLV Morning Mimosa
FLV Moscato

TPA-TFA Kentucky Bourbon
TPA-TFA Kahlua & Cream
TPA-TFA Jamaican Rum

FA Dark Bean (Espresso)
Juice Factory Espresso
Juice factory Milk

Floral – Plant – Spice

FLV Sugar Orchid
TPA-TFA Honeysuckle
FA Ylang Ylang
Molinberry Eucalyptus & mint
Molinberry Pink Lady

FLV Peppermint
FW Black Licorice
FA Cinnamon Ceylon

Miscellaneous – Sweeteners

FLV Granola
FLV Popcorn
FLV Carrot
FLV Sweetness

TPA-TFA Brown Sugar extra
TPA-TFA Cotton Candy
Juice Factory Maple Syrup
Molinberry Bubble Gum