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Concentrated Flavours For DIY

Flavouring Companies

No one company produces the most accurate of all flavour profiles, and since taste is so subjective, it may be necessary to try multiple offerings of a given flavour to satisfy your needs.

The brands we use are well respected and commonly used among mixers. Although there are more, I tend to stick with brands that are readily available in Australia.  

Flavour Notes

Taste testing flavours is the best way to understand how they can be utilised, what pairings can be used, and whether or not a specific flavour is satisfying.

Making notes is important, and best done by aroma and taste, which includes mixing a test batch to vape.

See our post on Flavour Testing.


Flavour Pairing is an important part of successful mixing. This is achieved by trial and error along with a greater understanding of your flavours.

When you’re experimenting and or creating your e-liquids, it generally helps to look to foods and beverages. 

We will have an updated post on Flavour Pairings ASAP.

FlavourArt Custard

FlavourArt Custard

Very accurate Italian custard flavour with lemon notes. No overpowering notes to speak of. Very useful for fruits.

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FlavourArt Caramel

FA caramel is a must have concentrate, in part due to its versatility. However, it is lighter than most other offerings.

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Molinberry Custard

Molinberry Custard

A softer more subtle custard than most, with nice vanilla and spice notes. An advantage is its fairly quick steep time.

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TFA Custard

TFA Vanilla Custard

A sweet mixture of creams, vanillin, alcohol, sugars and caramel-malt flavour from the Maltol. It’s artificial but useful.

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TFA caramel original

TFA Caramel Original

The richest, most decadent caramel around. It’s creamy, buttery, malty, and although very common, is for some, al ittle over the top.

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Flavorah Bourbon

Flavorah’s Bourbon is an additive with Oak, char, smoke and bourbon, although it’s fairly light. Great for tobaccos and coffees.

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Flavorah vanilla custard

Flavorah Vanilla Custard

This particular custard has wonderful vanilla notes and is one of my favourites. It’s much lighter than Capella’s which can be an advantage.

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Inawera Custard

Inawera Custard

Inawera have produced one of the finest custards. It’s well balanced, quick to steep, and simple to mix with. A must have.

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Flavours Available in Australia

A list of flavouring brands and the local vendors who stock them.

Flavour Brands Abbreviations

The universal abbreviations that have been assigned to flavouring brands.