How to get the most from your coils

How to get the most from your coils

Aspire Atlantis Coil

The coil or atomiser is at the heart of every delivery system, and as such, we want them running at peak performance for as long as possible.

Let’s take a look at some basic steps to ensure we get the most from our coils. 

All new coils must be primed, as this is the most critical part of coil maintenance. Follow the tips below to ensure you get the best performance possible from your replacement coils.

Many of today’s replacement coils have slots or ports on the side which lead directly to the cotton wicking material. Examples of these common coil types are below.

Aspire BVC Coils
nautilus X coil
Aspire Nautilus X Coils
Aspire Triton Coils
Aspire Triton Coils
Priming Your Coils 

There’s nothing more important than priming your coils, so before you take that first puff, make sure those cotton wicks are fairly soaked.

  • Place 2 or 3 drops of e liquid from the bottle directly into the open holes that lead to the cotton wicking material.
  • Insert the coil into the tank. Fill the tank with e liquid and allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes.
  • Without pressing the fire button, take a few short drags, as this will allow the wick to soak up additional liquid.

For the first minute or so, start on a lower wattage and work upwards to your desired level. If the coil is rated at 1 4 watts max, take a few drags at around 10 watts.

Your coil is now ready to use at the desired wattage.

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Tips For Ongoing Use

The following tips apply to virtually every replaceable coil. Although all are not paramount to longevity, neglecting some may result in either diminished flavour or overall performance. 

The Clearer The Better​

In theory, we want our e liquid to be relatively clear and free of any sediment. This is most critical with entry level coils such as those used in eGo style clearomisers.

Similar Flavour profiles

To maximise the flavour from your coils, it’s best to stick to the same flavour or a similar flavour profile. Using a tank of tobacco, followed by a tank full of fruit, may lead to the tobacco being the dominant flavour.

Hold The Sugar

Most commercial e liquids contain sweeteners and too much will gunk up your coils. This leads to a reduction in draw, flavour and performance overall. Where possible, use a juice with less sugar.

Wattage Alert

Make sure you do not exceed the maximum wattage that is recommended, or you could burn out your coil. This can also shorten the life. I tend to find the lowest possible suitable setting and stick with that.

Washing / Rinsing Coils

I’ve tried rinsing coils in water, vodka and even close to pure alcohol. My experience is that a used coil will rarely return to a fresh state. If you wish to try just make sure you let the coil dry out for up to 24 hours prior to use.

If you want to change flavours and keep the same coil, simply blow out the excess juice and vape out the flavour with some pg and vg. Never dry burn a coil.

Keep Coils Wet

Never allow the tank to get empty, and always refill once it’s around 1/3rd. If you fire the mod with an empty tank you will burn out the coil or shorten its life.

Changing Flavours

If you wish to change flavours and want to use a new coil, you can always take out the coil and put it in a baggie until you decide to return to that flavour. This is one example of why experienced vapers have more than a single device and or tank system.

Please let us know if you have any questions about coils, or anything vaping related.

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