How to Mix DIY e-Liquid the Simple Way

Graduated Cylinders for DIY
Grauated Cylinder
Pipettes for DIY Mixing
e liquid bottles
Plastic Bottles

Getting started with your first mix

Although not the most accurate method, it’s one that is commonly used, and as long as your mixes are basic, say two or three flavours, this method can return positive results. You don’t need much in terms of supplies, and in fact, you could do without the pipettes, but they’re inexpensive and handy to have around.

What You Will Need

The items pictured above are all that is needed in terms of hardware supplies, but for a more comprehensive inventory, including where to purchase these items, look at our post on Tools and Supplies.

  • 10 or 30 ml plastic or glass e liquid bottles
  • Graduated Cylinder – 10 and or 25 ml. Or a Beaker or Medicine Cup showing ml measures
  • PG and VG
  • Flavours
  • Nicotine (Optional)
  • Software e-liquid Mixing Calculator – Optional but important if using nicotine

All e-liquid is made of a base which consists of a blend of PG, VG and flavours. Nicotine is optional. When you’re experimenting, start with a 50/50 base blend of 50% PG and 50 % VG, with no nicotine.  

Flavour Percentages

Flavouring brands differ in intensity or concentration, so there are no universal percentages. Also, people’s tastes are different. Some like a stronger mix while others prefer something more subtle. In order to find an average starting point, flavouring manufacturers & vendors offer recommended percentages, varying from 1 to 5 percent.

  • FlavourArt (FA) and Flavorah (FLV) are highly concentrated, so start at 1%
  • Juice Factory generally suggest 2.5%
  • TFA can be between 2.5 and 5%
  • Capella are between 2.5 and 5% also
These percentages are merely a guide, and represent percentages to use for single flavours only. For example, if you wanted an ice cream with coffee, you may want 5% ice cream, but 5% coffee will likely be too strong. This is where trial and error and personal preference comes into play.

Example Mix Without Nicotine

FW Butterscotch Ripple

Butterscotch Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
For the Butterscotch try 4 %. For the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream try 5 %. This gives us a total of 9 percent flavouring.

Mixing in a 10 ml bottle
4 % is equal to 8 drops. 5 % is equal to 10 drops

Mixing in a 30 ml bottle –
4% equals 24 drops. 5% is 30 drops

The 10% Mix

  • Pour 10 ml of your 50/50 base PG-VG mix into the bottle (4.5 of PG and 5 ml of VG-see below)
  • Put 8 drops only of the Butterscotch into the bottle
  • Put 10 drops of the Vanilla Ice Cream into the bottle
  • Shake the bottle for a good minute or two

Because flavours are PG based, a 50-50 blend actually has a little less PG due to the flavours. When using a calculator and more flavours, this becomes a little clearer. 

Tip for Experimenting

Make a 125 or 250 ml bottle of premixed PG-VG based for recipe experimenting. This is based on a 60-40 blend to compensate for the use of PG based flavours. You will probably end up with a little more VG, but this is generally preferable. Remember, you don’t want to use nicotine for recipe development. 

125 ml Base
50 ml PG and 75 ml VG
250 ml Base
100 ml PG and 150 ml VG

Software Mixing Calculator
I use ejuicemeup 

Free DIY Classes
For those that would like a more in depth demonstration on DIY Mixing, and are based in or around Sydney, please go to our Experience Vaping Page. From time to time we offer free In-home tutorials to get you started mixing. 

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