Juice Factory DIY Supplies

juice factory diy supplies

Flavour Concentrates, PG-VG Base, Additives and DIY Equipment

It’s not often I discuss individual vendors. It’s not because I don’t wish to per se, I guess there’s just too many other topics that tend to get priority. So, welcome to Juice Factory, the house that Tom built.

Tucked away in Mandurah, Western Australia, is a well established Aussie vendor, selling more flavourful wares than Willy Wonka could poke a stick at. To put it another way, they have a lot of concentrates, and I’m fairly certain more than any other Australian vendor. Apart from their own branded flavours, here are some of the quality concentrates they carry.

capella flavours
TPA-TFA Flavours
FlavourArt Flavours
Flavorah flavours
lorann flavors
Molinberry Flavours
jungle flavors
flavor west flavors

I’m certain everyone who DIY’s in Australia is aware of Juice Factory, so this is primarily for new mixers looking for a recommendation on where to shop for supplies.

Firstly, I am not associated with Juice Factory, I just appreciate good customer service and quality products; I’m not too different from anyone else, right? However, as a vaping and support blogger, it’s customary to bring awareness to reputable vendors.

Inventory for Flavour Junkies

When it comes to DIY, I’ve accepted the fact that I have an obvious obsession with flavours. There’s never enough, nor is there sufficient time to concoct all the yummy recipe ideas that keep me up at night.

Yes, I’m guessing many mixers can relate, I’m also certain many are comfortable being honorary members of Flavours Anonymous.

FLV red burley
Flavorah tobaccos are excellent

For those with little to no mixing experience, let me just say that quality flavours by professional flavouring manufacturers are the backbone of DIY, and should only be purchased from reputable vaping vendors; please, never purchase from unknown overseas vendors.

So, why Juice Factory?

I’ve been mixing for a number of years, and have purchased product from many Australian vendors. For the most part, I’ve been pleased with my e commerce experiences, yet when it comes to DIY, my orders generally comprise of flavours from a variety of manufacturers, and JF carry all the brands I use. 

Paying shipping on more than two or three orders adds up, moreover, it may limit one’s ability to splurge on new flavours, even forgo those extra bottles you’re in need of. I like to support Aussie vendors, but I also enjoy a one-stop shopping experience.

Other than flavour concentrates, Juice Factory carry all the necessary supplies such as PG, VG, bottles, syringes and pipettes.

syringes for mixing by volume
Flavour Recommendations

Whilst there are many quality manufacturers to choose from, I thought I’d mention a few personal favourites. 


Most experienced mixers agree that FlavourArt is the industry standard. They’re high in concentration, authenticity and quality. They’re generally my go-to choice for profiles I haven’t tried, and rarely am I disappointed.


Currently, I feel Flavorah are leading the pack with accurate representations of various tobacco notes. I’ve tried quite a few and they’re all pretty exceptional. Oriental Tobacco, Kentucky Blend and Cured Tobacco are wonderful, and even better when blended together.

They’re more expensive than most other brands, but their high concentration and consistency in terms of quality, make the price point justified. Their other flavours are certainly worth exploring, as many of their fruits, cream and coconut are about as good as it gets.


I have a lot of respect for this company as a whole, as they’ve contributed much to the industry. Whilst there’s a few that fall short, there’s a number of real gems. I suggest you try their Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Vanilla Swirl, French Vanilla, Marshmallow and Graham Cracker Clear.

Juice Factory

I’ve only recently begun experimenting with their own flavours, and I’ve been most impressed. I’ll try more soon but so far their Pineapple, Passionfruit blend, Coffee – Espresso and Parliament tobacco- cigarette mixes are superb.

I’m thrilled that they recently picked up the Molinberry line, and since it’s been some time since using these flavours, I look forward to rediscovering them. I’ll be discussing a little more about various flavours and manufacturers soon.

Supporting Local Vendors

I’ve always been big on buying local and we need to be supporting our own industry, no matter whom you choose to buy from. When it comes to hardware, there may at times be justification to import, but in terms of flavour concentrates and DIY supplies, there’s little point.

I’ve placed a number of orders with Juice Factory, and have been extremely pleased with the level of service. Their inventory is an impressive cross-section of flavours and manufacturers, and as such, makes for both a viable and satisfying one-stop shopping experience.

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