Liquid Barn DIY Kits Review

These kits make starting DIY easier

Liquid Barn is a US manufacturer and supplier of quality Flavours, Nicotine, and as I discovered more recently, DIY kits. Although I’m well stocked with DIY tools and supplies, I was curious to see if these kits would be suitable (or even sufficient) for a beginner or perhaps a more seasoned mixer like myself.

Liquid Barn shipped these to me for the purpose of this review.

For details on these kits and their full range of products, please visit the Liquid Barn website.  Unfortunately, I am unable to locate an Australian distributor for their flavours.

No need to scroll down any further folks, they’re terrific, and quite frankly more comprehensive than what I was expecting. There were even a couple of pleasant surprises.   

As you will see, these DIY Kits are quite comprehensive and yes, one of the surprises was the included milk frother. I hadn’t noticed or remembered it being included, so now I can mix both my favourite e-juice and a cappuccino all at my desk! (How did they know I’m a coffee junkie?)

Overview of Kit Contents:  
Intro to DIY Starter manual
Liquid Barn DIY mixing mat
Liquid Barn blank label sheets
Labware Kit & Manual
E Liquid Kit – Containing PG/VG
Flavor Kit
(Nicotine in optional)
The cost of the kit is $64 which in all honesty is more than fair, considering all the goodies you get. 

PG – VG: 
The kit comes with 2 x 500 ml bottles of your choice. Two of the same or one of each. They’re both USP food & kosher grade and have batch numbers and use by dates. The bottles, whilst just being a bottle, are great quality and come sealed. 

Included is your choice of 10 x 15 ml glass bottles of quality flavourings. I haven’t finished steeping and or experimenting with them all yet, and will have more to say in upcoming flavour blogs. 

I can say that many of them are equal in quality to other well-known brands I purchase, and a few were outstanding. I love the fact that they come in glass which is a classy touch and better for flavours long-term.

Labware Kit:
This section of the kit provides everything to get starter in terms of mixing hardware –

  • Labware Kit Manual
  • Safety Gloves (5 pairs)
  • Graduated Cylinder (25 ml)
  • Graduated Cylinder (10 ml)
  • 100 ml Beaker (2x)
  • 10 ml Luer-lock Syringe (2x)
  • 5 ml Luer-lock Syringe (2x)
  • 1 ml Luer-slip Syringe (10x)
  • 30 ml Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle (5x) 
  • Electric e Liquid Mixer ( yes, froth your coffee too)

DIY Mixing Mat:
Surprise number two here. Again, I didn’t realise this was included but it’s such a handy dandy item. It’s a laminated card around 30 x 20 cm that allows you to workout mixes without a calculator, and it’s designed for use with an erasable marker. There are also a few nice labels to use on your bottled mixes. It’s additions like this that impress and add further justification to purchasing these kits.

Most vapers will require nicotine, at least for a while, and as we are forced to purchase overseas, those interested in these kits can easily add a bottle. The extra cost is only around $8-10 for a 125 ml supply. Their nicotine can also be purchased separately in either 48 or 100 mg strength. Either PG or VG based.

I feel these kits offer tremendous value, not to mention the convenience of being able to grab all you need from one company in one single order. This is something sadly missing in Australia.

Liquid Barn isn’t the only company offering this type of product, but they’ve managed to do it better than other suppliers I’m aware of. The presentation and packaging are excellent, and the labware contents are pretty much all one will need to start or continue the pleasures of DIY mixing.  So far, the flavours are quite good with a few standouts.  

Liquid Barn has done a great job here and I’m grateful they forward me these goodies to review.

Charles Yates

Ex-smoker, current vaper and THR advocate. I started The Vapers Table in 2011 to offer information and support for smokers looking to transition to vaping. My interests are- Helping smokers quit, food, cooking, flavours, music, orchestral composing-studio recording & technology, travel & country road trips.

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