Managing Cravings and Withdrawals

Improve your chances of Transition

Cravings and withdrawals are a bit of a wake-up call, reminding us just how little a grasp we may have on dependency and will power. In fairness though, cigarettes are one of the hardest habits to break.

About half of those I’ve supported through the transition process, voiced concerns regarding a certain lack of satisfaction; as opposed to that derived from cigarettes. However, after the first two to three weeks, the overwhelming majority will settle and likely never smoke again. Obviously, owning suitable hardware and e liquids are paramount and should be first on the list.

I have a golden rule that should be followed if one is struggling. It’s an odd one yet, an important one. If you must smoke, then do so, and don’t beat yourself up over it. Many vapers, myself included, had the occasional cigarette. There may also be periods where you’re still smoking (hopefully at a reduced rate) and supplementing with vaping.

Remember that our bodies, moreover our brain, must adapt to a lack of various chemicals and additives. If you’re still smoking, irrespective of amount, try switching to additive free cigarettes or tobacco. This can help too.

“When you want that second cigarette, try and vape instead and work toward alternating more frequently ”

There is no question.. The more you can vape, the easier it is to quit smoking. 

Some tips and methods to assist in the transition process
  • Have 2 starter e Cigs or Mods topped with a 24-36 mg/ml Nicotine based flavour
  • Try non-nicotine based flavours also and alternate between the two
  • Include at least one Tobacco-Cigarette flavour
  • Continue trying new flavours
  • Experiment with PG & VG percentages. Higher PG can improve flavour
  • Try a Variable Wattage device and experiment with various settings/power levels
  • Try Sub oHm Tanks with easy replaceable coil heads (atomisers)
  • Explore all available NRT’s – Nicotine replacement therapies
  • Experiment with Additives and or WTA e liquids
  • Try and smoke outdoors only and vape while inside – watching the TV
  • Limit your exposure to smokers and second-hand smoke
  • Where possible, spend time with fellow vapers
  • Stress must be managed and ultimately reduced
  • Reduce trans fats and junk foods
  • Eat fruit daily and drink fresh juices and water
  • Reduce alcohol (other than a glass or two of daily wine)
  • Reduce your coffee intake ( yeah, like that’s really going to happen)
  • Exercise, activities, hobbies play a huge role. Whatever tickles your fancy

Swimming is one of the healthiest and most enjoyable activities to indulge in. Chasing the neighbour’s cat may be worth considering, at least for an hour or two. Sex is a great form of exercise. Just tell your partner it’s part of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

I’ve sat with numerous smokers chatting about addiction and dependency. One common constant (especially with the elderly) appears to be our mental state of mind. True, there’s a real dependency, but some are merely unhappy or depressed, and I’m convinced that this somehow comes into play. We must endeavour to be positive, have interests and or be involved in something such as social groups or clubs.

If you’d like to weigh in on this, drop us a line. Maybe you have a few extra bullet points. Besides, there’s always another point of view.

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