Mixing with Flavour Doublers

Mixing with flavour doublers
The Steamery Doublers.

Doublers make it easy to add Nicotine

If you’re looking for an easier alternative to DIY mixing, and a means to add nicotine to your e-liquids, doublers are by far the easiest method. Here in Australia, the sale of nicotine based e-liquids is currently illegal, therefore, nicotine, or e-liquids containing nicotine, must be imported; generally from China, the US or New Zealand. See our post on where to buy nicotine

Doublers come in numerous flavours, just as standard e-liquids do. The difference is that they are only half filled bottles, allowing the bottle to be filled with a mix of PG, VG and whatever strength of nicotine you choose. 

Determining Percentages

How do I know what percentage of nicotine to use, and what about PG & VG ratios? Trial and error is really the only way, but when it comes to nicotine we must be cautious, not only with handling, but with our ratios too.

 let’s look at the options –

where to buy liquid nicotine
Wick and Wire Quality Nicotine

If you’re uncertain as to what PG-VG ratios to use, start with 50-50 and see how that goes –

  • Higher percentage of PG generally means more flavour
  • Higher percentage of VG offers more vapour-aerosol and a tad of sweetness.

For nicotine. there are different strengths available for purchase, as well as the choice of it being in a PG or VG base. I always suggest purchasing 100% PG based due to its longer shelf life.

Although a 24 mg/ml strength nicotine makes it easy to mix with doublers, buying 100 mg/ml is far more economical.

Device - Wattage - Nicotine levels

The majority of vapers using low powered devices such as AIO’s, Pod systems, Vape Pens and or MTL (mouth to lung) tanks, generally require higher levels of nicotine, say 12 to 24 mg/ml.  These devices generally utilise a wattage level of anything from 8 to 20 watts – coil resistance dependent.

High wattage devices, and or sub ohm tanks, say anything over 20 watts, are best suited for lower nicotine levels; 3 and 6 mg/ml being the most common. 

A calculator will help determine how much nicotine needs to be added, as well as additional PG & VG. Wick and Wire has a nice easy to use calculator for Doublers. 

Doublers are available from –
Wick and Wire
The Steamery

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