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Molinberry have produced a good custard here, and although it’s lighter and less eggy than most offerings, this can play to its advantage.  A nice soft vanilla, slight spice, and shorter steep times are its main strengths. A good concentrate for custard subtlety.

Molinberry Custard Testing

  • Steeped for 2 weeks
  • Mixed at 6%
  • Recommended percentages-
  • Solo Vape-4-8%
  • Mixed-1-4%

Safety Data Sheets must be obtained by emailing Molinberry (Chem Novatic)
All flavours certified free of added DIACETYL, ACETYLPROPIONYL, ACETOINE.


This is a much lighter custard than most other offerings, and as with Inawera custard, matures a fair bit sooner. There’s no overpowering egg, vanilla or buttery notes, which may or may not be a plus. It’s well balanced and much of its strength IMO is actually in the vanilla bean notes.  However, it’s not entirely a straight custard. 

You do get a nice smooth creamy richness, with a soft cinnamon & nutmeg spice, and a decent body and mouthfeel. You get a n accurate representation after 10 days and up to 2 weeks.

Flavour Description – Notes

A creamy, smooth custard that tastes like a cross flambe-custard type, with a nice balance of egg and vanilla notes, with the egg being a little more prominent. There’s a subtle cinnamon/bark spice with a camphor finish which offers the alcohol. There’s a nice mouthfeel to this too. 

This custard pairs exceptionally well with fruits and bakery, although I’ve used it with tobaccos and coffees, as well as blending it in fusion booze recipes. Rums and bourbons can be nice using low percentages.

Admittedly, this isn’t my first choice when it comes to custards, not because it’s a poor flavour, I just find Inawera and Flavorah to be more often a better fit for me. it always comes down to personal experience and or spending more time with specific flavours.


What other mixers say

Taste is generally subjective, so here’s what some other DIYers think about this flavour – 
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Most common pairings used with this custard are –

  • Vanillas
  • Creams
  • Bavarian Creme
  • Marshmallows
  • Caramel
  • Glamour Chocolate
  • Cheesecake
  • Strawberry

Average mixing percentages are –

  • Solo Vape:  7%
  • Mixed Percentage: 2.5%

Availability in Australia –

Juice Factory
Flavour World (Sydney Vapour)

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How I Test Flavour Concentrates

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

Testing flavours with e-cig
RDA for testing flavours
RDA for testing flavours

How I Test Flavours

Flavours are mixed in a 50-50 blend of PG & VG. Zero nicotine and generally steeped for 2 weeks. Three vape devices are used including an RDA.

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