My Dependency on Vaping

my dependency on vaping

An Addiction or Dependency?

In my opinion there are many, even those from the field of medicine, that simply have it all wrong. The fact is that vaping with nicotine is not necessarily an addiction per se, it’s far more likely a dependency and for me, most definitely habitual.

About six months ago, I decided to put this theory to the test, and since guinea pigs are rather scarce in my neck of the woods, I decided to put myself through the ringer.

After 40 odd years of sharing my life with nicotine, I decided to see just how many hours I could go without it. Would the mere practice of holding something, and that beloved hand to mouth fixation be sufficient? What about the fact that there’s vapour and a means to inhale, and in so doing, offers us an additional similarity to smoking. Would all of this provide sufficient satisfaction?

Well, for the past six months I’ve had no cravings nor any desire for nicotine. However, I decided to start using it again periodically as it’s proven to be beneficial for memory, concentration and productivity. Due to an autoimmune condition I have (under investigation) my doctors have actually told me it’s okay to continue the use of nicotine; vaping that is.

Vaping with nicotine, especially slightly higher percentages, often helps cut down the desire and frequency of vape. 

Pharmaceutical grade liquid nicotine, what’s utilised for e-liquids, is likely to provide more positives than negatives; well, at least for some. Especially those that suffer certain neurological and psychological disorders. As controversial as that may sound, this theory is gaining more momentum as science re-evaluates nicotine outside the context of tobacco. You may wish to read a post I did on nicotine.

The reason why so many uphold their belief that nicotine is addictive, is due to the additives and the manipulating of nicotine in cigarettes. However, I feel there is at times a fine line between dependency and addiction. 

Thanks to vaping, perhaps it’s time to change this. To realise the fact that liquid nicotine is not only not carcinogenic, but also, not necessarily addictive. 

I don’t assume that my experience alone, suggests that the case is now closed re addiction. We are all different and when it comes to addiction or dependency, there are no absolutes.

Food for thought…

Charles Yates

Ex-smoker and current vaper. Started The Vapers Table in 2011. Interests are - Advocacy and helping smokers quit with vaping. Food-cooking, music, recording technology, travel & country road trips.

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  1. Hey there Bob, thanks for the comment. Hope life is treating you well..

  2. I try to boil down nic usage as a rewards vs penalties. Charles is right on, we are all different and perceive rewards and penalties differently.

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