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MyJet Pods

Overview – Suitability

Pod systems are an extremely compact AIO styled e Cig that are automatically activated as one puffs, just as you would when smoking. A K.I.S.S. design with no buttons or menu system. Suitable for beginners and or occasional or light vaping. A great stealth device, emergency backup, or an on the go ‘date vape’. 

Designed for MTL, or mouth to lung style vaping. (Inhaling as one would when smoking)

Here are two video reviews. The Vaping Biker The Vapor Trail channel.


Fillable Pod System

  • 1.2ml Capacity
  • Quad Clasp Locking System
  • Single Fill Usage
  • Horizontal Coil Atomizer
  • 28 Gauge Kanthal
  • Seven Wrap
  • 1.3 ohms
  • Cotton Wicking System
  • Gold Plated Connections

Package Contents:

  • MyJet e Cig device
  • 2 Unfilled 1.5mL Juice Pods
  • USB charging cable



Good performance given its size and type. Decent flavour and vapour production. Great stealth device. Does an excellent job at simulating smoking.


Tank capacity of 1.5 ml is very limiting. Level of long-term satisfaction, and suitability, is limited to occasional and or light smokers/vapers. Battery life on all Pod systems is very low, meaning one would need multiple units if relying solely on this type of device.

Price & Availability

The main kit is around $35 – 40. Replacement pods are sold in a 5 pack for $25.00. Available from our Recommended vendors, in particular, Wick and Wire and Victory Vape.

From The Table

It’s all about the juice.. 


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