Nicotine – A remedy for more than just cravings

nicotine and the brain

To many, vaping with nicotine may appear to be little more than a desire to feed an addiction. For me, it's provided improvements in concentration, mood, blood pressure & more.

At 24, I was diagnosed with an Autoimmune, Vasospastic disorder known as Raynaud’s Syndrome. It constricts blood flow, most commonly to fingers or toes, and presents itself when exposed to cold or vibration. Emotions and stress also come into play.

My previous years of smoking only exacerbated the issue.

In 2014, I started showing signs of a neurological disorder. The condition remains a mystery, yet some of the symptoms are similar to Parkinson’s disease; temporary mobility issues, uncertain of surroundings, memory and cognitive. Although this occurs randomly, temperature and high emotions also appear to be triggers.

Doctors have provided no definitive answers and 4 years later, I’m still undergoing tests and hoping for answers.

The neurotransmitter dopamine sends signals related to pleasure, reward and motor function across neurons in the brain. A lack of dopamine has been linked to movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. ©2013 Delilah R. Cohn

Vaping and Nicotine 

GP’s, Rheumatologists, Neurologists and Cardio Vascular specialists, were initially a little dubious regarding my vaping habits, moreover the ingredients. The focus was never about vaping, and once I explained the formula of PG, VG, Nicotine and a dash of flavours, the general consensus was that little harm would likely be caused.

Emotions and stress can be a factor in so many ailments and certainly can be applicable to autoimmune and neurological conditions. Maintaining a calm, mental state is crucial to many disorders. Nicotine has shown to provide a calming effect as well as aiding in memory, one’s ability to focus, comprehend and analyse.

Signs of Improvement 

After 20 years of high blood pressure, my BP has stabilised and blood flow has improved. My body is slowly healing, partially because I no longer smoke, and time has allowed for nerves to begin the healing process. (I’ve always been active and maintain a healthy diet)

Although there are grey areas, the medical opinion is this – It is likely that the continued use of nicotine reduces the frequency and intensity of Raynaud’s symptoms associated with emotion, as well as having a positive impact on various neurological disorders.

Vaping nicotine is not intended as a cure for illness. However, research suggests that the benefits can indeed be measured; both neurologically and psychologically. See our post – The Truth about Nicotine

Far too many are convinced that nicotine is little more than an addictive, dangerous drug. It’s a pity but this will change.

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2 thoughts on “Nicotine – A remedy for more than just cravings”

  1. Hey Charles!

    Just saw this page, and it’s spot on for me as well. I noticed this issue around age 24 as well, and i’m 26 now. I have IBS and what seems like Rheynaud’s Syndrome.

    My hands, fingertips and toes will all go white and numb for quite some time after any temperature changes periodically. Even a small change can trigger it, and it’s always a guess on how long it will last. Even if i run my hands under hot water, it won’t be cured quickly.

    I also work a high stress job, and take Adderall (stimulant) which is known to cause flareups. I quit drinking and smoking recently, yet vaping seems to still trigger it. I have heard of PG intolerances, so maybe that could be part of it, since my head seems to itch as well when vaping.

    I’m not just taking the adderall, and vaping through it. I only really like the mouth to lung vapes, so i’m using a Breeze mod at the moment, with 25mg of nicotine salts. The salts metabolize differently from what iv’e heard, and they definitely hit me way harder than regular nic. I LOVE it, and am really hoping that i don’t have to quit. I think this is the smallest nicotine salt strength i can get, and i’d really miss the throat hit if i had to stop.

    Have you been feeling any better lately?

    • Hi Nick,

      It sounds like you may have Raynaud’s syndrome; you would need a Rheumatologist to confirm, however. I doubt the nicotine will cause you any issues, even though 25 mg is pretty high. Raynaud’s is manageable and generally doesn’t hinder one’s day to day life, but you should refrain from exposing your hands and or feet to the cold weather.

      Also, keep your stress level down whenever possible, although this disorder presents differently on people.

      I’m doing okay, although I have my good and bad days; I spend far too much time on the computer though. Anyway, thanks for the message and take care, let me know how things are down the road.

      Regards, Charles

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