Nicotine e-liquids from New Zealand

Where to buy Nicotine Based e-liquids

Given Australia’s draconian outdated laws, we must currently import our nicotine based e-liquids from overseas. Thankfully, our neighbours in New Zealand have a number of vendors who can help.

I have only dealt with two NZ vendors, so I’ve included the ones I have and reached out to get a few more suggestions on reputable vendors. Prices seem fair and shipping is generally pretty quick. I’ll update this list as I discover more.

Nicotine e-liquid Vendors

The Vape Shop (Wellington)
Mixology Vape (Aukland)
Wick and Wire Co New Zealand

All of the above offer nicotine juices, as well as general vaping devices and supplies.

DIY liquid nicotine is available to import from Mixology, Wick & Wire and vapoureyes.

recommended e-cig vendors

If you’re wishing to get more information about nicotine and e-liquids in New Zealand, please contact us or reach out to the Aotearoa Vape Community Advocacy. AVCA in New Zealand. 

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