Nicotine e liquids from The Vape Shop New Zealand

Nicotine e liquids from The Vape Shop NZ

the vape shop nz

The Vape Shop to the rescue

If you wish to purchase nicotine based e liquids, this is a great way to support our New Zealand neighbours. They offer a good cross-section of popular e liquids, as well as some delectable boutique offerings, just waiting for a lonely Clearomiser Tank.

There are a number of options for purchasing e liquids overseas, but buying from New Zealand generally, rewards us with much faster delivery times. Shipping usually takes around 3-4 days; not too shabby at all.

Rocket Sheep
Five Pawns
Teleos Cloud Science

TVS have no shortage of quality juices to try, many of the brands being well known and most offer up a barrel full of yumminess. Teleos, Nick’s Blisfull Brews, The Milkman, Sicboy, Charlie Noble and The Steam Factory, just to name a few.

In addition, they also have some great e Cig hardware and accessory items. Some of their Mods are high end and difficult to obtain locally.

If you need some advice or assistance with placing orders, just drop me a line and I’d be happy to help out. ¬†Time to get those taste buds a humming –

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