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Insights, reviews and recommendations on quality devices for beginners, intermediate and veteran vapers


Introductions and guides on vaping and various hardware devices. Topics such as safety and transitioning from smoking


We provide free support - email, phone and Sydney based table meets. We have helped many smokers quit and transition to vaping


Product insights and reviews that are suitable for vapers at all levels. We only recommend devices that we've thoroughly tested


Recommendations on both domestic and import e liquids. Topics include nicotine, ingredients, flavours and selection

DIY & flavours

Guides and tutorials on the creative process of making your own e liquids. Topics include getting started, tips, supplies and selection

Starter e-Cigs

innokin ez watt

Starter e-Cigs are a common choice for beginner vapers, although many seasoned vapers utilise them too. They make great back- ups, and as most are fairly small, they’re perfect for travel and or a night on the town.  Some are also perfect for stealth vaping. 

Whilst there are hundreds of starter e-Cigs on the market, we’re selective about our recommendations. We endorse devices from reputable manufacturers that meet or exceed safety standards, and offer functionality coupled with quality. 


Mods are the next step up from starter e-Cigs and generally the best option for heavier smokers. They offer the ultimate in performance, flexibility and thus, satisfaction. Although they tend to offer more features, the majority are simple to operate and maintain.

As with Starter e-Cigs, there are certain criteria that must be met before we offer a recommendation. However, we only endorse a relatively small number of products as so many are similar, offering an almost identical feature set. Selecting a Mod often comes down to appearance and aesthetics.

Atomisers - Tanks

The battery, power supply or actual Mod, may indeed be the foundation, but it is the atomiser that has the most bearing on performance, flavour and satisfaction. We offer a few recommendations on affordable, high-quality atomisers and tanks, and are planning an advanced section that will focus more on rebuildable devices.


Recommendations on domestic and imported e-liquids. We look at nicotine, ingredients, flavours, vendors and selection.


Guides and tutorials on the creative process of making your own custom e-liquids. Topics include getting started, tips, supplies, nicotine, flavour pairing and more.


Exploring quality flavour options for tobaccos, desserts, bakery, fruits. beverages and fusions. We also provide flavour notes, uses and pairings.


Vaping Support

For 7 years we’ve been providing free support to those that wish to quit smoking, and transition to vaping.

We offer phone, email and face to face ‘Table Meets’, as well as supporting you through the transition process.

We also help new vapers to maximise their experience.

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