Preparing and using additives for tobacco mixes

Preparing and using Additives for Tobacco Mixes

coffee in tobacco
acetyl-pyrazine for tobacco
Nuts for tobacco
What are additives and enhancers?

As I’ve mentioned before, tobacco and cigarette mixes often require some additional help in the form of extra flavourings or additives. Whilst many tobacco flavours offer a great starting point or base, adding these extras can offer your mixes that additional layer of depth and character.

In terms of DIY, additives can either be specific compounds-formulas such as ethyl maltol and malic acid, or regular flavourings that are used in very low percentages; generally it’s due to their high concentration levels. Any of these may also be known as enhancers.

Often a flavouring company will release a new flavour, knowing too well its concentration levels are too potent for use as a standard flavour; a good example is Flavorah’s Pucker, an obvious additive for tobaccos. 

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Diluting additives and flavours

A number of these are simply too strong to use in smaller 10 or even 20 ml mixes. If we were mixing all of our liquids in larger batches, then we may be able to use regular drops from the original concentrate bottles.

Obviously, personal preference comes into play, but generally we’re looking for some subtlety when using these ingredients. Cigarettes all have a touch of nuts, chocolate, fruits, coffee and bakery notes, just to name a few. Adding even a standard drop of some of these concentrates can overpower a smaller bottle of tobacco mix.

Making bottles of diluted additives-flavours

After much experimenting, I’ve found that a 20 % diluted solution is about perfect for many of these ingredients. I use 10 ml bottles but only have 5 ml total in fluid. 

Pour 4 mls of PG into the bottle
Add 1 ml = 20 drops of Additive / Flavour
Label the bottle

You now have a workable solution for those extra strong additives-flavours. 

What percentages to use?

There are no set rules on percentages, one just needs to experiment. Often I’ll use only 1-2 drops per 10 ml but it really depends on what you’re going for.

Inventory suggestions for diluted flavours

FA Dark Bean (Coffee)
FA Fuji Apple
FA Blackberry
FA Oak Wood
FA Black Fire
FA Coconut
FA Cinnamon Ceylon
FA Marzipan
FA Anise
FA Jamaican Rum
INW Milk Chocolate
INW Tobacco Smoke & Prunes
INW DNB (Dirty Neutral Base)
Juice Factory Maple Syrup
Juice factory Espresso

TFA Hickory Smoke
TFA Butter
TFA Kentucky Bourbon
TFA Jamaican Rum
TFA Sour
TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 
FLV Popcorn
FLV Pucker
FW Black Licorice
MB Glamour Chocolate
MB Eucalyptus & Mint
Nut varieties-see below

Nuts can be a very important ingredient for tobacco-cigarette mixes. My diluted mixes of nuts are various blends of the three below.

FlavourArt Mixed Nuts
TFA Pistachio
TFA Toasted Almond
FlavourArt’s Marzipan can work nicely here too, for both tobacco and bakery mixes.

Cigarette Additives

For those that wish to get creative, here are some examples of additives and flavours that are used in virtually every commercially made cigarette.

Allspice Extract 
Bay leaf
Beet Juice
Black Currant
Cedar wood

Citric Acid
Ethyl Maltol
Grape Juice

Maple Syrup
Tea Leaf

Obviously, many of these ingredients can be used for other flavoured e liquids too. They’re not just for tobacco or cigarette styled mixes. 

I hope you find this information useful, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.
Happy Mixing. 

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