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Quick e liquid Mixing Guide

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Graduated Cylinders

The simple method to making e liquid

I’ve been asked if there’s a simpler method to mixing DIY e liquids. The short answer is yes, and the long answer is yes too, but it’s not quite as accurate. However, most don’t really care and besides, this method works fairly well and many, myself included, actually mix this way quite often.

For these examples, we will not be using nicotine. For testing purposes, I have used Aspire’s PockeX AIO starter e Cig using the 0.6 ohm coils.

Please note that these examples are not to be considered a perfect mix. They are bases on which to build, but they’re simple and provide a means to follow along and get your feet wet with basic mixing. There are, however, some interesting things that can be done with all of these flavours.

What You Will Need

The 2 items pictured above are all that is needed in terms of tools, but if you wish to have a more comprehensive inventory, you should look at our post on Tools and Supplies.

10 or 20 ml plastic or glass e liquid bottles.
Graduated Cylinder- 10 or 25 ml, Beaker or Medicine Cup showing ml measures.
PG and VG

All e liquid is made of a base which consists of a blend of PG, VG and flavours. (Nicotine is optional). Start with a 50/50 blend which is 50% PG and 50 % Vg. This is known as a base.

Flavour Percentages

Flavouring brands differ in intensity or concentration, so there is no set percentage. Also, people’s tastes are different, some like a stronger mix while others prefer something more subtle. In order to find an average starting point, flavouring manufacturers generally have a suggested starting percentage, and it’s common to be anywhere from 1 – 5 percent.

Percentages are also based on what other flavours or ingredients one is using, if any. A good rule of thumb is the more flavours you use, the lower the individual percentages. However, it always comes down to trial and error.

Let’s jump right in and start mixing, using these 2 examples as a basic guide. 

A Basic Tobacco Mix

flavourart diacetyl free flavors

Virginia is a very common mid strength tobacco blend, and an easy one to work with. The RY4 Double is basically a caramel with tobacco undertones and is often used to either mellow out stronger tobaccos or used to add some creaminess and sweetness.

For the Virginia, we will start with 2 %. For the RY4 Double, we will start with 4 %, giving us a total of 6 percent flavouring.

NOTE: In a 10 ml bottle, 1 % is equal to 2 drops. 2 % is 4 drops. 3 % is equal to 6 drops.

The Mix

  1. Pour 10 ml of your 50/50 base PG-VG mix into the bottle
  2. Put 4 drops only of Virginia into the bottle
  3. Put 6 drops only of RY4 Double into the bottle
  4. Shake the bottle for a good minute or two

You now have mixed a tobacco base e liquid from which to build on, although it may be fine as is. Remember that when we steep (ageing) e liquids, they generally improve over time, and quite often the flavours will intensify.

Allow a few minutes of resting and or vaping for the coil to soak up the flavours. If you find this too mild, try adding an extra drop of one or both. Take notes on your preferences.

Butterscotch Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Tfa Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

FlavorWest’s Butterscotch Ripple is a delicious flavour, and it pairs extremely well with many creams or ice creams.

For the Butterscotch, we will start with 4 %. For the Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, we will start with 5 %, giving us a total of 9 percent flavouring.

NOTE: In a 10 ml bottle, 4 % is equal to 8 drops. 5 % is equal to 10 drops.

The Mix

  1. Pour 10 ml of your 50/50 base PG-VG mix into the bottle
  2. Put 8 drops only of the Butterscotch into the bottle
  3. Put 10 drops only of the Vanilla Ice Cream into the bottle
  4. Shake the bottle for a good minute or two

You’ve now mixed a yummy dessert blend. As above, increase or decrease percentages to taste but remember, the flavours will intensify a little as it steeps.

The reason for these examples

One of the benefits of using these two example mixes is that they really shine when blended together in varying percentages; although I generally go close to 50/50.

Now the fun part begins, as experimenting with 4 basic flavours can bring interesting results. Tobacco’s are usually best when a variety are blended together, so if possible grab a few and experiment.

Let me know how you get along, and if you’ve got any questions or concerns.

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