Respiratory Nurses Vaping Presentation Oct 12th

October 12 Quit Smoking Event

Oct 2016,

As an ex-smoker, current vaper and a member of the NNA AU, I was asked to present at an event focusing on methods to assist smokers with quitting; specifically Tobacco Harm Reduction and the use of electronic cigarettes.

The event was held by the Respiratory Nurses Interest Group of NSW

Some 50 nurses specialising in respiratory care were present, along with various Admin personnel and the main guest speaker, Dr Colin Mendelsohn, a leading tobacco treatment specialist who has considerable knowledge on vaping.

It was a productive evening, and a great opportunity to bring further awareness to the benefits of transitioning to vaping. Both the Doctor and I brought along an assortment of starter e Cigs and more advanced Mods.  I was pleasantly surprised when a group of nurses came up on stage and tried vaping first hand.  None were actual smokers so I found that quite impressive.

So many medical professionals are unaware of the benefits surrounding THR yet, for this small group, we can only hope that the word will be spread. The overwhelming majority left feeling rather positive about e Cigs, and I’m hopeful there will be future opportunities to discuss vaping with representatives from the medical industry.

I thank these nurses and Dr Mendelsohn for their dedication and for permitting me to speak. I’d also like to thank those who provided such a bountiful spread of food and nibblies.

From The Table,

It’s all about the juice..


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