Reviews on e Cig products

March 2015 – Updated March 2018

I want to touch on the subject of reviews. The Internet is loaded with them, Mods, Tanks and e-liquids. They provide a decent introduction to a given product but it’s somewhat like test driving a vehicle…

“One never really knows what to expect, until you get behind the wheel”

Hardware reviews can be helpful in weeding out devices that lack specific functions or features, however, when it comes to the majority of today’s vaporisers or Mods, why ramble on about them? It’s the Coil and Tank that matters, not the Mod so much.

As far as e-liquids are concerned, it’s kind of a grey area from my perspective; they’re just too subjective. I will, however, bring attention to some of my favourites as newcomers are looking for direction. Having said that, I much prefer to make my own.

Our DIY and Flavours section has become more of a focus of late, and from time to time companies will send me flavours to review and discuss. That being the case, freebies will never influence my overall opinions. 

Although more advanced hardware devices will occasionally be covered, catering to and support for newcomers will remain my priority. 

Generally, I like to keep things fairly basic, without a lot of technical jargon that can be confusing to newcomers. Although I’ve been discussing and reviewing more products of late, the vapers table is not a review site per se.

If you’re looking for review sites, here are a few popular Vaping reviewers from YouTube –

Phil Busardo
Todd from the Shed
Tony at the Vapor Trial

From The Table,

It’s all about the juice…

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