Selecting e liquid Flavours

Selecting your first e liquid flavours

Fruit mixes

Let us look at choosing our first bottles of e juice and yes, there should be more than one. Those new to vaping may experience some level of confusion or uncertainty when perusing e liquid websites as there’s so many to choose from. Besides, if you fancy apple pie and cream, does that mean you’ll enjoy vaping it? 

So, I use to smoke Marlboro lights, what now?

Some find it difficult to equate an offering of chocolate cake with vaping, while others may frown at the thought of strawberries. Perhaps a shot or two of Rum is more your style, in the form of vapour naturally. And let us not forget all the yummy fruits to explore. Yes, the choices are overwhelming however, most e liquids tend to fall into four major categories.

Ice Cream recipe

Most new to vaping are fixated on tobacco, but there are other flavours you simply must explore. Irrespective of what cigarettes you smoked, vaping is not just about tobacco. Think about the desserts and fruits you enjoy. Maybe you have a favourite cocktail you’d like to vape. Bourbons, Rums and Vodkas are frequently found in my DIY e liquids.

I cannot over-emphasise the importance of experimenting and having additional flavours at hand. Vaping only tobacco can be boring and ultimately counter-productive. Research suggests that a variety of flavours are beneficial to transition.

Testing Flavours

Try some sample packs, a great way to get a few flavours in one order.  Another option is to meet with a vaper or visit your local Vape Shop and try out their e liquids.

Anything new takes time but remember….Vaping should be as enjoyable as possible and in part, this is to keep us away from the cigarettes. I enjoyed smoking but I love vaping.

Time to get creative and if you’re already vaping, let us know what great flavours you’re discovered.

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It’s all about the juice..

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