Smok Nord Pod System

Smok have had some ups and downs over the years, with a few products not quite hitting the mark. However, when it comes to their Nord Pod system, I for one feel they’ve nailed it.  This is a fine example of just how far Pod system have come.

Overview - Suitability

Given the Nord’s performance level, it’s suitable for both light and heavier smokers or vapers. The unit is quite solid feeling and fits in the hand nicely – Good for stealth vaping.

Utilising the mesh 0.6 sub ohm coils offers up an extraordinary vape for a pod system. Thankfully there’s a hefty 1100 mAh battery to suit. Like most pod systems there’s a single fire button only, and the pod holds 3 ml of e-liquid (TDP version is 2 ml). For a device like this, the flavour is actually very good. 

My Thoughts

Much like Aspire’s AIO Pod system, the more I use this the more I love it. It offers an excellent flavourful vape and has a few coils to choose from to suit one’s vape preference. 

I’ve been using this daily (in a rotation) now for a few months and charge it daily. Personally, I only use the mesh 0.6 ohm coils as they offer me that extra oomph and vapour production.

Full specs and more information on the Smoktech Website

You Tube Reviews

This review is from Matt at SMM. There are numerous other insights available on YouTube so check them out if you wish –


  • Make sure you try the various coils so you know which one suits best. Coils can make a huge difference.
  • If one is wanting to use Pod systems when out and about (what I call a Date Vape) make sure you carry a power bank with you. Also, always have two devices so you’re not left without a vape.
  • Every time you fill the tank, wipe the bottom contact areas where the tank sits with a paper towel.

Kit Contents


  • Excellent Performance
  • Long battery life-based on coil used
  • Excellent Coils
  • Great Flavour
  • Great Vapour Production
  • Simple To Use
  • Mimics Smoking Very Well


  • Reports of some units arriving DOA –  But more times than not it’s the battery light not showing until charged.
  • No other justifiable issues

Average Device & Coil Costs

Nord Pod Kit – $40
Replacement Coils – $4.50 each (A tad more than some but worth it!)

The Smok Nord Pod System is available from the following Australian vendors –

Victory Vape
The Steamery
Vape Street

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